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Terms & Conditions


This Terms of Service Agreement (the "Agreement") applies to the use of this website, (the "Website"), the offering of products for sale on this Website by ukstarbudsc (the "Business Name"), and the acquisition of products made available on this Website. The policies and rules listed below are included in this Agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are subject to change at any moment, and ukstarbuds maintains the right to post any changes or a new Agreement on this Website. By placing the date of the most recent amendment at the top of this Agreement, ukstarbuds will let you know when changes or adjustments have been made. After being posted on this website, the modified or revised Agreement will come into force. You will be deemed to have accepted any changes or revisions if you continue to use the Website after any such changes or a new Agreement have been posted. Every time you access the Website, ukstarbuds advises you to read this Agreement again to make sure you comprehend the rules governing its use. The terms and conditions of any other written agreements you may have with ukstarbuds for other products or services are not changed in any manner by this Agreement. Please stop using the Website right away if you do not accept this Agreement (including any policies or guidelines referred to it). Please use the print function on your browser's toolbar to print this Agreement.

PRODUCTS  Conditions of Sale.

On this website, specific products (the "Products") are offered for sale. You accept the conditions of this Agreement by ordering Products through this Website.

Customer Solicitation: You agree to continue receiving emails and phone calls from ukstarbuds and its designated in-house or third-party call team(s) unless you tell our third-party call center representatives or direct ukstarbuds sales reps during the call that you want to stop receiving further direct company communications and solicitations. 

Opt Out Procedure: There are three simple ways to decline receiving future solicitations from us. 1. To unsubscribe from email solicitations, click the link present in each one. 2. You can also opt out by sending an email to [email protected] with your email address in the subject line.

Ownership  Rights.

In the Products, ukstarbuds owns exclusive rights and trade secrets. Any product produced and/or distributed by ukstarbuds may not be copied, reproduced, resold, or redistributed. Has the right to use all trademarks, trade dress, and particular page layouts, such as call to actions, text positioning, photos, and other content.

Revenu Tax. You are solely charge of covering any applicable sales taxes if you buy any Products.

Intellectual property, third-party links, and website content.

This website offers information and marketing resources in addition to making Products available. This website also provides information about dietary and nutritional supplements, both directly and through indirect links to other websites. The content on this website isn't necessarily created by ukstarbuds; instead, it's frequently compiled from outside sources. The intellectual property laws of India, other countries, and international organizations safeguard the content on this website to the extent that it is created by ukstarbuds. The material may be used without permission in violation of copyright, trademark, and/or other laws. You agree that your use of the website's material is solely for your own, non-commercial needs.

Any links to other websites are only offered for your convenience. The information found on any such third-party websites is not recommended by ukstarbuds. When you access or rely on these third-party websites, ukstarbuds is not responsible for their content or any harm that may be caused. You do it at your own risk if you link to such websites.

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