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Crisp Menthol 100ml Naked 100 Menthol UK

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Crisp Menthol 100ml Naked 100 Menthol UK

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Naked 100 Menthol  vape juice is a fantastic blend that was newly produced by the well-known Naked 100 brand. It is already receiving a lot of attention for its pure, crisp menthol flavour that leaves your lips refreshed and completely satisfied. This bone-chilling vape juice will do the trick whether you're trying to clear your mind or simply enjoy the burst of menthol.

Naked 100 Menthol vape juice blend is ideal for individuals who prefer menthol flavors. While there are many menthol flavors on the market, finding the correct balance of menthol and quality can be difficult. In true Naked 100 fashion, everything that you and your taste buds crave has been fulfilled, beginning with the clean and pure taste of crisp menthol and finishing with Naked 100's well-known quality that goes into each vape juice creation. Crisp Menthol vape juice is an excellent mixture created specifically for individuals seeking a more intense amount of refreshing flavor. When you take your first puff, you will immediately taste an explosion of menthol, and the exhale will replicate the sensation. The lingering menthol continues to dominate your taste buds to keep your mouth cold, leaving you wanting more. Crisp Menthol comes in a 60mL bottle and is available in a number of nicotine concentrations, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Crisp Menthol 60mL

Naked 100 Menthol is one of the largest and most popular vape juice brands in the business. It is a brand established in Torrance, California, that has been supplying its enthralling flavors since 2012. The Naked 100 collection includes a wide variety of flavors to pick from, including sweets, menthols, fruit flavors, and cream. There is a plethora of flavors available, all of which were created to cater to your preferences. USA Vape Labs, one of the world's largest and most well-known vape juice manufacturers, produces the Naked 100 brand. It has been inventing distinctive, top-tier tastes for years, and after finding success with its Yogurt brand "The Schwartz", Naked 100 was released to the market and has since become the industry's leading brand. Crisp Menthol is yet another flavor from Naked 100 that will be around, since a Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) has been submitted to the FDA.

Crisp Menthol is a great combination that optimizes the menthol ratio. You might get a burst of menthol that refreshes the mouth and leaves a clean and crisp flavor that you can't get enough of. Crisp Menthol by Naked 100 is what you're looking for if you want a bone-chilling sensation backed by one of today's most well-known brands.

Reviews (6)

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