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Shamrock Cookie by Sadboy

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Shamrock Cookie by Sadboy

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Shamrock Cookie 100mL Sadboy Shamrock Cookie E-Liquid - Sadboy's distinctive butter cookie richness dipped in a deliciously chilled mint milkshake. On the inhale, taste notes of a warm baked cookie fresh from the oven, followed by cooling mint in a frosty milkshake on the exhale. This vape juice is unquestionably delicious! 100ml - 70/30 VG/PG A delicious combination of a minty drink and a freshly baked cookie! Sadboy Shamrock Cookie is ideal for those looking for a unique sweet and minty flavor. The mint blends well with the creamy shake and cookie to make the greatest new juice on the market!

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie blends everyone's favorite flavor - Sadboy's cookies - with a green, minty milkshake that will have you salivating in seconds.

Shamrock Cookie

Shamrock Cookie 100mL The flavour of a typical Sadboy cookie will dance over your taste receptors as you inhale Sadboy Shamrock Cookie vape juice, delighting them to no end. This vape juice is just what you've been looking for. When you exhale, the taste of a minty green milkshake will mingle with the taste of cookie-like you've never tasted before. This flavor is so out of this world that you will feel revitalized with each puff.

Shamrock Cookie 100mL Philly Vape Society brings you Sadboy, an e-juice brand. This vape juice company is committed to providing their devoted consumers with flavors they will never forget. You will fall madly in love with the delicious flavor created by any of their vape juices with every puff. Sadboy uses the highest quality components in all of their vape juices to offer you with the greatest vaping experience possible.

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie is a literary vape juice. This vape juice will instantly satisfy all of your demands. You will undoubtedly vape all day with this vape juice.

Reviews (6)

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