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Biscotti California Limes 4PK

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Biscotti California Limes 4PK

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A citrus-focused hybrid of unidentified strains produced by Wolf Genetics is called California Limes. It has a strong citrus scent that is supported by notes of sour, ripe grape and hot chilli. The shape of the California lime is squat and bushy, and it produces dense, resin-filled buds. This strain has a strong influence on users, giving them particularly high, even semi-psychedelic, effects. So be careful with your dosage and have fun on the ride.

The Biscotti brand's California Limes 4PK infused preroll, 2g, provides a sativa experience of the Biscotti strain with 518.76mg THC and 1.30mg CBD.

  • Weight: 2 grammes
  • Biscotti strains
  • Types of Cannabis: Sativa
  • Product Types: Preroll Infused
  • Total THC in mg: 518.76
  • THC%: 29.5%
  • Total CBD: 1.30
  • Condition: California

California Limes: What Are They?

Wolf Genetics' California Limes have short, squat bushes that have buds that feel quite hard. A thick layer of resin coats the dense buds. This strain is known for its potent spiciness and sour chilli smells. When consuming this strong strain, one should exercise caution because a heady, smooth psychedelic high is brought on. A 56–63 day growth cycle is necessary for this sativa-dominant strain to bud.

Average THC percentages apply; specific goods may differ.

WARNING: This product exposes you to myrcene and marijuana smoke, both of which the State of California recognises as carcinogens.

The Biscotti Strain: What Is It?

Due to its sweet, baked goods-like flavour and aroma, the Biscotti strain of cannabis, commonly referred to as "Biscotti Cookies," has gained popularity among marijuana lovers.

It is a cross of the well-known strains South Florida OG and Gelato #25, creating a well-balanced hybrid with a blend of sativa and indica traits. This strain is a strong choice even for seasoned users thanks to its high THC concentration, which ranges from 22% to 28%.

The flavour of biscotti is said to be sweet, nutty, and slightly vanilla-flavored, which goes well with the aroma of freshly cooked biscuits. This strain combines energising and soothing properties to produce a well-rounded effect.

It's an excellent alternative for musicians or artists because it can boost creativity and focus. However, it can also bring about a profound feeling of calm and relaxation, making it perfect for use at the end of a hard day or for people who need to decompress from tension and anxiety.

The Biscotti strain is frequently praised for its pleasant smoking and gorgeous light green, thick, sticky buds. It is a flexible strain that is consumed in a variety of ways, particularly edibles, vaping, and smoking. The Biscotti strain is worthwhile trying whether your goal is to relax and unwind or you just want to enjoy a sweet, tasty smoke.

Reviews (6)

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