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Henry's Original Smokes - Blue Dream (Sativa) UK

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Henry's Original Smokes - Blue Dream (Sativa) UK

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Merchandise descriptions

Nothing beats the classics, particularly a work as adored as Blue Dream. It has been a mainstay of the California market for decades since it is a sativa that behaves like an indica. I regret to inform you that you are behind the curve if you haven't tried it yet. But don't worry! Our Blue Dream satisfies all the requirements for its widespread appeal and contains all the powerful Myrcene terpenes. For the finest level of freshness, our flower has been properly cured and meticulously hand-trimmed before being sealed. In order to preserve the flavour and scent of our flower, we package it right away after pruning. We only make a tiny amount of our Craft Jars, which include the legendary strains that Henry's Original is known for!

Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain Blue Dream was created by mating Blueberry and Haze. Along with a well-balanced high, this strain also has benefits like brain stimulation and total body relaxation. Despite having a low CBD content and an 18% THC content, Blue Dream is a popular strain among both new and seasoned cannabis users. According to reports, Blue Dream has a delicious berry flavour and aroma. Blue Dream is frequently used by medical marijuana patients to relieve nausea, chronic pain, and depressive symptoms. Blue Dream is a California-bred strain that has grown to be legendary among West Coast varieties. It has also recently risen to the top of the list of strains that Leafly users most frequently seek for. The cost of Blue Dream per gramme is typically $20. Blue Dream CBD, Double Dream, and Blue Magoo are strains that are comparable to Blue Dream.

Each half-gram smoke contains heirloom cannabis that has been expertly grown with the utmost care. In order to maintain the greatest uniformity for a smooth, slow-burning smoke, we ground our flower in a specially designed grinder.

Each batch has its own personality, and strains are chosen based on seasonality.

For mobility and freshness, cigarettes are individually wrapped in recyclable tubes with natural corks.

Reviews (6)

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