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Korova Banana Macaroon Preroll Joint

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Korova Banana Macaroon Preroll Joint

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Concerning this product

Our signature product, pharmacated pre-rolls, is widely regarded as the greatest quality at and above its price range throughout Oklahoma! To maintain our reputation for dependably high-quality joints, we hand-pack triple-screened material into all of our pre-rolls, giving excellent value to our dispensary partners as well as consistent quality medicine to patients who pick our products. Preroll anana Macaroon Online Each Classic Packwoods is made up of 2 grams of premium flower that has been mixed with high potency concentrate, powdered with Kief, and rolled in a 100% Tobacco Free blunt. This hand-rolled beauty has quickly become a popular favorite and a must-have for every cannabis enthusiast. 2.5g.

Symbiotic Genetics' Banana Macaroon is a hybrid between Dosidos and Banana Punch. The Tiki Madman cut, in particular, generates a phenotypically tall expression with longer internodal spacing and beautiful orange hairs projecting from dazzling white, trichome dense calyxes.

Dosidos and Banana Punch were crossed to create Banana Macaroon, a product of Symbiotic Genetics. These two strains, and particularly the Tiki Madman cut, result in a phenotypically tall expression with longer internodal spacing and beautiful orange hairs poking out of dazzling white, trichome-dense calyxes. Less "greasy" and more "sandy" trichomes are a desirable feature of a flower that will yield a lot of hash and resin. Banana Macaroon delivers a full-throttle stoned experience while having a well balanced high that doesn't make you feel too sleepy. There are overtones of gas, diesel, soil, and cream in the flavor.


Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical components present in cannabis that offer users with a variety of effects. Some of the most well-known cannabinoids include THC and CBD.

A Profile of Fruity Terpenes

The primary terpene in Banana Macaroons, limonene, is the fruitiest terpene and gives the cannabis strain its distinctive and pleasing flavor when smoked. This marijuana bud has a pleasant aroma and flavor that is predominately banana and pineapple. As you exhale, you might detect a hint of peppery tingling and a familiar cannabis skunk overtone.

 The flavour and aroma of Banana Macaroons normally entice most novice marijuana consumers to try some, however we do advise saving this cannabis kind for seasoned users.

Reviews (6)

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