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Golden Ghost OG Preroll

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Golden Ghost OG Preroll

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ghost og strain online

ghost og strain Cannabis hybrid Ghost OG, commonly referred to as "Ghost OG Kush," is a descendant of OG Kush. Many people adore Ghost OG because of its well-balanced mental and physical effects. Ghost OG has garnered praise from consumers and Cup honours for being both potent and non-intrusive. This strain's potent genetics and capacity to eradicate pain, insomnia, sadness, and anxiety are hinted at by its potent citrus aroma and crystal-covered blooms.

Genetics and History

Ghost OG is an OG in the truest sense of the word; a classic; the kind that never leaves you unsatisfied. Ghost OG, a mix between OG Kush and Afghani created by Dark Heart Nursery, is a powerful and sociable strain that is likely to become one of your new favourites.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavour

ghost og strain This enigmatic flower has an abundance of flavour to go with its lovely rainbow façade. You can't help but be in awe of her many hues, which span from shades of green to yellow to others that are as dark as deep purple. Although these leafy buds are colourful on their own, the trichome coating, the pop of yellow leaves, and the glossy orange hairs will leave you speechless. The powerful kushy scents and sweet lemon-lime flavours add to this bud's distinctiveness, but it's the 24% THC content that puts it in the category of "no brainer."

Growing Advice

ghost og strain Even newcomers to the industry love this section of the article. Due to its great mould and mildew resistance and ease of adaptation, Ghost OG seeds are incredibly easy to grow. Trimming and a Mediterranean environment with consistent weather are the sole requirements. You may grow it both indoors and outdoors under the proper conditions. It takes about 8 to 9 weeks for it to bloom.

The Ghost marijuana, despite its frenzied sales and excellent price, only produces ordinary yields. This strain is only available as clones for now because the seeds are currently unavailable.

Reviews (6)

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