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Rainbow Roll 7-pack UK

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Rainbow Roll 7-pack UK

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Product Specifications

Rainbow Roll 7  Our preferred strains are combined to create the unique Indiva Rainbow Rolls. In order for you to keep rolling, we've removed the work from it. Take pleasure in this package of high THC pre-rolls that have been hand-finished and hand-weighed. A sushi roll known as a "rainbow roll" has cucumber, avocado, and crab stick. The most frequently used fish in its preparation include eel, tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, snapper, and salmon. With the addition of salmon, avocado, and tuna, the rainbow roll is very comparable to the California roll.


After the California roll, the first roll to use nori seaweed leaf concealed inside rice, the rainbow roll is seen as the next stage of the introduction of sushi into American culinary culture. Rainbow Roll 7   The rainbow roll goes one step further by including raw tuna, salmon, prawns and white fish, whereas the California roll utilises absolutely no raw fish.

Disclaimer for Products

Rainbow Roll 7  Although we make every effort to guarantee that product information is accurate, manufacturers occasionally change their ingredient list. Actual product packaging and materials may have extra information or information that differs from what is seen on our website. We advise you to always read labels, cautions, and instructions before using or eating a product and not to exclusively depend on the information provided. Please get in touch with a product's maker for more details.

In order to supply the best quality cannabis to the recreational market, which these producers would otherwise be unable to access owing to the present regulatory challenges, Indiva partners with small batch, local artisan growers. The crew at HWY 8 has grown marijuana for more than 45 years, drawing on a range of generations' worth of knowledge and viewpoints. HWY 8 focuses on high-quality, high-potency strains with an extraordinary genetic library of over 200 cultivars and 3,000 seeds, with the goal of revolutionising the business. HWY 8 Golden Pineapple is a hybrid between Pineapple Kush and Golden Goat that is grown in a clean, regulated environment indoors. Each plant is raised on Pro Mix soil and hang-dried in climate- and humidity-controlled spaces. After that, the plants are manually pruned to preserve the integrity of each bud. Tight, light green buds with a tinge of amber are present on Golden Pineapple. They smell sweet and delicious and are sticky and spongy to the touch. This 10-pack of prerolls has effects that are Sativa-leaning hybrid and is perfect for daytime use.

Reviews (6)

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