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Nasha Pre-Rolls UK

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Nasha Pre-Rolls UK

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Purple Berry Hash Infused

cannabis dispensary near me store Purple Berry, a cross between GDP and Blueberry Kush, is an indica-dominant variety. It tastes natural and earthy, like ripe berries and fresh mint. The results are tranquil and pleasant. This strain's potency was increased while also giving a faintly sweet, cake-like flavour thanks to the addition of both ice water hash and THCa diamonds. 5 joints, 3.5 grammes, and each..7 grammes of flower. Orange hairs pass through the frost-covered blossom of the Purple Berry, which has fragile, damp leaves that are green and purple. It may initially appear disgusting given that it is entirely coated in crystals. Purple Berry, on the other hand, has quite a kick and is organic, as its name would imply. It even has a berry-like aroma that will make you think of the old grape bubble gum you might have enjoyed as a child. There is no denying that it has a strong aroma that will make you drunk. The strain has a startling 22% THC content and is a cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Additionally, bear it aware that it is 100% indica and not recommended for beginners. It smells exactly like it tastes. Additionally, when you taste it, you'll detect a kush effect. It won't just keep you coming back for more; it has an organic, earthy flavour. cannabis dispensary near me store Even though it can initially appear too much, you won't feel as worn out as you might anticipate. You'll be able to perform daily tasks and be more active than you ever could have been. You'll come up with a hundred various things to accomplish, and you can even carry them out without any issues.

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Pre-rolls from Stone Road are always produced with just sun-grown flower. Each joint is manually rolled on unbleached French papers and has been potency and purity verified twice in the lab.

Reviews (6)

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