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Caviar Pre-Rolled Joints UK Jungle Cake - Hybrid

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Caviar Pre-Rolled Joints UK Jungle Cake - Hybrid

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White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake were balancedly combined to create Jungle Cake Top Shelf Pre Rolls, an untamable breed of enormous power. Jungle Cake is a tough strain with an average THC concentration of 30% and tight, conical forest-green buds with fiery-orange pistils and a dense coating of milky trichomes. Jungle Cake will ambush you like a leopard; you'll experience increasing levels of mental pressure that eventually explode into elation, laughs, and exhilaration. The body high begins to take effect as the high progresses, settling your body into mild slumber and relaxation but not enough to cause couch-lock. If that's not enough, you'll keep going back for more because to the fruity flavour and nutty overtones of Jungle Cake. Jungle Cake is a highly potent yet well-balanced hybrid that is excellent for treating melancholy, stress, and nausea. Jungle Cake has the koalafications if you're searching for a strain that can handle any situation!

Top Shelf takes pleasure in offering only top-notch marijuana for sale. Each pre-rolled joint contains.75g of top-shelf quality flower.

Pre-Roll Tube for Jungle Cake

  • Choose from Black, Blue, Green, White, Red, or Transparent Clear for your tube colour.
  • Decide on a Weight: 1.5 grammes, 2 grammes, and 1 gramme
  • Pop Top Tube with One Pre Roll Joint, Squeeze to Open
  • Tube size (height x diameter): 116mm x 17mm

Cake in Pre-Rolls, Jungle

To create the balanced hybrid strain known as Jungle Cake, which has 50% indica and 50% sativa, the famed White Fire #43 X Wedding Cake strains were crossed. Due to its incredibly potent high and lasting effects, Jungle Cake is a hybrid that shouldn't be taken lightly. You gradually reach a state of total comfort and joy as the high intensifies. Jungle Cake is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from conditions like chronic stress, mood swings, depression, or nausea because of these advantages and its ridiculously high 25-31% average THC content.

THC: 25-31%

Reviews (6)

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