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Caviar Joints UK Grand Daddy Purple Indica

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Caviar Joints UK Grand Daddy Purple Indica

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Caviar Joints UK Grand Daddy Purple Indica

Grand Daddy Granddaddy Purple, also known as "Grand Daddy Purp," "Granddaddy Purps," "GDP," and "Granddaddy Purple Kush," is an indica marijuana strain. Granddaddy Purple (also known as GDP), a well-known indica cross of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan, was made popular by Ken Estes in 2003. While passing on Skunk's huge, compact bud form, this California mainstay receives a complex Mendo Purps and Afghanistan scent. Deep purple GDP flower blooms provide a striking contrast to the resin's snow-like white coating. Its powerful effects, which combine cerebral exhilaration and physical relaxation, are readily apparent in the mind and body. While your body might find itself locked in one place for the length of GDP's effects, your thoughts are more likely to float in a dreamy haze. Granddaddy Purple is frequently chosen off the shelf by customers seeking relief from discomfort, tension, insomnia, loss of appetite, and muscle spasms. GDP provides producers with enormous yields that are ready for harvest after a 60-day indoor flowering period.

What are the advantages of our Grand Daddy Purple Caviar Joint Indica?

Grand Daddy Similar to a cigarette, but with cannabis instead of tobacco, a pre-rolled joint can be purchased from any Canadian online dispensary. Customers may immediately consume cannabis at their convenience without having to roll it themselves thanks to our pre-rolled blunts and joints. You only need to take pleasure in our pre-rolled joints. The ability to sample novel strains and mixes is a further benefit. Grand Daddy You can easily obtain various blends or mixtures with our pre-rolls for complete enjoyment. Pre-rolls are also disposable, simple to use, and time-saving in the long run. Many of these Caviar Joints are also available in our free gift tiers since at Ganja West we believe in always giving back. There is an option to choose this as your free gift if you spend more than $200. As customers, we are constantly interested in hearing about new strains and flavours to add to our pre-rolled joints.

Reviews (6)

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