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Caviar Joints - Root Beer - Indica

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Caviar Joints - Root Beer - Indica

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Root Beer

Caviar Joints  A unusual indica-dominant strain known as Root Beer Float was produced by crossing Vanilla Kush and XXX OG. A sweet, earthy joy with touches of lemon and pine is waiting for you. Enjoy the traditional root beer flavour with frothy vanilla undertones.

A Caviar Joint: What Is It?

Since quite some time, caviar buds have gained popularity in the hemp sector. The term "caviar" describes raw flowers that have been covered with kief, the crystal-like powder that covers the outside of a bud that is packed with beneficial cannabinoids, and then dipped in hemp oil (our Delta-8 variety is dipped in Delta-8 distillate).

With our premium Dreamwave CBD caviar joints, we are elevating the status of caviar flower, which is among the highest-quality hemp products currently on the market.

Pre-Rolls with CBD Caviar: Benefits

Caviar Joints  Our Dream wave caviar pre-rolled joints give all the natural advantages of CBD while enhancing them with kief's naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. Feelings of relaxation and a decrease in physical discomfort are two of the most prevalent advantages.

Complete unwinding

  • Euphoric emotions
  • Enhanced physical recuperation
  • Inner feelings of balance
  • More effective stress management
  • Improved slumber during night
  • Better mood

What advantages does our Caviar Joint-Root Beer-Indica offer?

Caviar Joints Similar to a cigarette, but with cannabis instead of tobacco, a pre-rolled joint can be purchased from any Canadian online dispensary. Customers may immediately consume cannabis at their convenience without having to roll it themselves thanks to our pre-rolled blunts and joints. You only need to take pleasure in our pre-rolled joints. The ability to sample novel strains and mixes is a further benefit. You can easily obtain various blends or mixtures with our pre-rolls for complete enjoyment. Pre-rolls are also disposable, simple to use, and time-saving in the long run. Many of these Caviar Joints are also available in our free gift tiers since we believe in giving back. As customers, we are constantly interested in hearing about new strains and flavours to add to our pre-rolled joints.

Reviews (6)

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