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Pacific Stone - 14pk Pre-Rolls Banjo (Sativa) UK

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Pacific Stone - 14pk Pre-Rolls Banjo (Sativa) UK

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Regarding this product

Buy Pacific Stone pre roll A balanced high is produced by Blue Dream, combined with other benefits including mental stimulation and whole body relaxation. Due to its high THC content but low CBD content, Blue Dream is a favourite among both new and seasoned cannabis users. According to reports, Blue Dream has a flavour similar to strong, luscious red berries. Blue Dream is frequently used by medical marijuana patients to relieve nausea, chronic pain, and depressive symptoms. Blue Dream develops into a short, bushy shrub with dark green leaves and large, smelly blue-hued flowers. Pre-roll not like you normally see. Each pre-roll offers a consistent smoking experience because Pacific Stone Premium Pre-rolls are meticulously packed with our premium 100% greenhouse flower, no shaking or trim. Pacific Stone is excellent for lighting up with friends and contains a variety of strains suitable for any time of day. We exclusively market the cannabis that the Pac Stone crew cultivates and cures in order to provide you with cheap, farm-direct California cannabis.

banjo strain effects

Buy Pacific Stone pre roll Banjo prerolls from Pacific Stone are a Boost X Tangelo hybrid with a strong Sativa component. It's nearly difficult to smoke marijuana that doesn't give you a jolting, potent high because it contains 11–13% THC. This strain is ideal if you just want to unwind and unwind while remaining awake enough to get things done. You'll get a tangy zesty fruity flavour on every inhale from one of these prerolls and a somewhat sweet creamy flavour on every exhale. The sativa qualities of Banjo will instantly brighten your mood, calming any rushing thoughts and substituting them with positive ones. Buy Pacific Stone pre roll  Your attention will be unparalleled, and you'll realise that your senses are getting sharper. Banjo will gradually spread over your complete body once you've had the creative surge, leaving your body feeling tranquil. Anyone who with migraines, persistent pain, depression, or ADD/ADHD should try this strain. Allow this mix to improve both your body and mind. 7g.

Reviews (6)

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