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Caviar Joints UK Orange Cookies - Indica

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Caviar Joints UK Orange Cookies - Indica

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Blood Orange Prerolls UK Sativa

Caviar Joint Anything with the word "cookies" in the name is guaranteed to be delicious; add an orange ingredient, and you've got a recipe for something truly remarkable.

As you might anticipate, the Orange Cookies stran is a result of Obsoul33tis Franchise Genetics' (renowned for the Alien lines) crossing of Orange Juice (OJ) with Girl Scout Cookies. Unbelievably, this strain has garnered so much attention that it placed second among hybrids in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.

The medium, bushy Orange Cookies buds have a robust indica structure. Despite having bright green leaves, some well-cured strains have a purple hue that may be seen peeking through the layer of milky white trichomes. A heavy, sleepy indica mood is frequently linked with purple buds, but this association is more often due to the cultivation of the buds than to their flavours or effects. The vibrant and eye-catching buds effectively mask the wake-and-bake flavours and effects.

Caviar Joint To taste, the flowers burn with a lovely, smooth smoke that has a little sugar-candy flavour of sweet oranges and the crumbly, vanilla-butter flavour of a classic cookie. This is undoubtedly one of the numerous strains available that is simple to smoke repeatedly because of its sweetness and complex herbal funk, which will keep you toking for as long as you can. It tastes good.

What are the advantages of our Orange Cookies Indica Caviar Joint?

Caviar Joint Similar to a cigarette, but with cannabis instead of tobacco, a pre-rolled joint can be purchased from any Canadian online dispensary. Customers may immediately consume cannabis at their convenience without having to roll it themselves thanks to our pre-rolled blunts and joints. You only need to take pleasure in our pre-rolled joints. The ability to sample novel strains and mixes is a further benefit. You can easily obtain various blends or mixtures with our pre-rolls for complete enjoyment. Pre-rolls are also disposable, simple to use, and time-saving in the long run.

Many of these Caviar Joints are also available in our free gift tiers since at Ganja West we believe in always giving back. There is an option to choose this as your free gift if you spend more than $200. As customers, we are constantly interested in hearing about new strains and flavours to add to our pre-rolled joints.

Reviews (6)

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