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Pure Beauty Yellow Box Pre-Roll Pack

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Pure Beauty Yellow Box Pre-Roll Pack

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pure beauty sativa

Yellow Box Mini Pre rolls Pure Beauty's Sativa Babies are prerolls filled with uplifting, high grade Sativa flower that are fun-sized and ready to go. These Babies, with their tropical, sweet, earthy aroma and taste, provide an uplifting, euphoric, cheerful high. Distribute them at the party or keep them all to yourself. Each baby box comprises one eighth of a complete flower coiled into ten little joints. 3.5g total and 10 prerolls packed in a PLA bag manufactured from plant starch. Pure Beauty is a diverse workforce with a strong commitment to social justice.

Additional Information

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural cannabis flower

DOSING “Current Batch Information: 1/18/2023

  • Cannabinoids in total: 27.92%
  • THC: 26.24%
  • Special Blend (Super Silver Haze, Mother's Milk, Chem Reserve) Strain


Yellow Box Mini Pre rolls The "baby" sized joints are ideal for delivering a rapid, intense, and quickly felt high. Pure Beauty's indica flower is calming, but it also allowed me to reap the full benefits of relaxation before sending me to sleep for the night. The flavor is delicious, almost berry-like, and is nice but not overpowering.

Yellow Box Mini Pre rolls The experiences we had with each item we examined were unique and well worth the expense, but we hope Pure Beauty expands its product line. The collection is excellent yet limited, and it can be difficult to rediscover a favorite item. I had to explore a few places before I could buy more than one or two things at the same time - thus stock consistency is also required. However, with the introduction of a drink, they are expanding, so here's hope for new strains and, eventually, oils and concentrates. Pure Beauty's Babies Sativa Blend comes with 10 small joints and 3.5g of flower. These adorable joints are made with hemp paper and a blend of whole flower, traditional sativa strains. Sativa Babies are ideal for creative tasks, socializing under the sun, or a quick pick-me-up on a stroll because they induce a powerful mood elevation paired with a calm disposition.

Reviews (6)

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