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Cresco Labs' Alien Dutchess is a strain that combines tremendous euphoria and profound relaxation to produce a product that is both potent and sophisticated. This strain, which was produced by mating Dutch Treat Haze and Alien OG, smells spicy and herbaceous with overtones of pine and lemon. Upon drinking, the citrus and earthy aromas are clearly discernible. It has been reported that Alien Dutchess increases appetite and relieves tension, headaches, and nausea.


Dutch Duchess has, to put it mildly, remarkable impacts. She strikes quickly and forcefully, with a sluggish yet ecstatic aftermath. Choosing to purchase Dutch Duchess cannabis seeds could be your path to much better sleep. That might be partially attributable to her high levels of CBN, a lesser-known cannabinoid with potent sedative effects. The couchlock effect kicks in when doses are high. Her indica background's ability to promote physical relaxation combines well with Dutch Duchess' sativa side in this situation. All those laid-back, tranquil feelings are woven together with the strain's cerebral element's subdued euphoria.

Potential Medical

An inventive, indica-dominant strain like Dutch Duchess should be used to treat any conditions involving sleeplessness, tension, anxiety, and stress. This is not the ideal flower for people who experience (chronic) weariness. She is, nevertheless, a fantastic match for anyone seeking to enhance their sleep quality. Any grower, though, can rely on the all-encompassing relaxation this strain delivers, finished off by a subtly euphoric feeling of profound contentment, even if it isn't quite time for bed.

Aroma & Flavour

Dutch Duchess Homegrown flowers' bouquet is dominated by citrus scents. Despite the variety of our Homegrown strains, her terpene profile is very distinct. High levels of pinene give off an upbeat vibe that is complemented by humulene's potent kushy scents and a lovely spicy undertone. Once these flower buds have been fully dried and cured, anyone who even remotely enjoys complex flavours is in for a treat.

Reviews (6)

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