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Buy Old School Haze Weed Strain UK

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Concerning Kees' Old School Haze marijuana seeds

This is what you want if you're in the mood for a "blast from the past"! Kees' Old School Haze is a quick-growing, 100% pure sativa that is thrilling.

We are discussing a plant for the more seasoned gardener who can constantly maintain a balanced environment. After 12–13 weeks of flowering, Kees' Old School Haze yields enormous harvests when grown under stable, optimal circumstances.

The scents of our original Old School Haze are dark, musky, and ammonia-like with a hint of citrus. It has a terrific hallucinogenic impact when smoked and creates a very foggy sensation.

Be prepared for a really potent smoke! The Super Sativa Seed Club's foundation is the Old School Haze. She has over 35 years with us and is still going strong! delivering the authentic Old School Haze flavour to the world.


Large resin-covered calyxes with few leaves and long, spear-like buds with dark orange hairs make it simple to trim.


The flavour and scent of Haze have received a lot of attention. Everyone chooses something distinctive, including sandalwood, cedar, citrus, rosemary, coffee, leather, and coffee. Haze is distinctive and remembered despite its rich flavour and odour.


No high ceiling. gives one a true understanding of oneself, which can be both difficult for certain people as well as highly healing. a real intellectually stimulating high. Very imaginative and motivating.

Kees' Old School Haze Production

Kees' Old School Haze Regular is a fast-growing, 100% pure Sativa that is thrilling.

It is a plant for more seasoned gardeners who can always keep a balanced environment. After 12–13 weeks of flowering, Kees' Old School Haze produces enormous yields under stable, optimal circumstances.

The Super Sativa Seed Club genetic staff offers growing advice.

This woman is a little emotional. With the proper care, she will yield buds that are arm's length. Make sure your tent or space is properly ventilated during the day and at night. Maintain a steady temperature of 25–26 C.

In warmer climes, an air conditioner will be necessary for success. They will sprout unneeded thin branches that produce little buds and mature slowly as a result of frequent temperature variations.

The flagship variety of Super Sativa Seed Club, Kees' Old School Haze Regular, will be challenging for the typical user to grow.

Reviews (6)

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