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The Salima region of Malawi, in southeast Africa, is the source of the solely sativa Malawi strain.  The flowering period for this strain can last up to 120 days.  Malawi yields lengthy, resin-coated buds that are always worth the wait and a fantastic smoke for any occasion.

Cannabis Strain Og Malawi Haze Available Online In Europe. OG By crossing the traditional Malawi X Haze, the uncommon hybrid strain Malawi Haze was produced, which is 100% pure sativa.

For every sativa enthusiast who enjoys a delectable, OG Malawi Haze is the ideal strain thanks to its amazingly sweet flavour. Take

A strong citrusy pine flavour with notes of sweet and spicy blossoms can be found in OG Malawi Haze.

Fresh herbs serve as accents to the fragrant pine overtone that dominates the perfume, which is very mellow and sweet.

The major terpenes of the pure Haze A and C parents that go into creating Nevil's Haze are those of the Central American sativa, incense, and woody fragrances, with a resinous and fermented background from the Malawi to lend depth.

While both Purple Haze x Malawi and Super Malawi Haze provide the most energising, energetic, and non-narcotic effects among the Haze/Malawi genotypes, Purple Haze x Malawi is a true F1 hybrid and as such is much more uniform, producing a distinct main phenotype with much wilder and tropical behaviour, whereas with Super Malawi Haze, we have focused on producing a much more potent, tamed, and productive hybrid, more resin The polyhybrid nature of Super Malawi Haze, however, makes it more variable. There are three primary phenotypes, with the first two being the most common:

Og Malawi Haze: A Brief Overview

The OG Malawi Haze high is just as delicious as the flavour, leaving you with uplifted feelings. energised without producing the anxiety or paranoia that a strong sativa strain can occasionally bring on.

Almost as soon as you exhale, you'll experience a surge of energy. putting you in a focused, pure feeling of bliss.

This effect will quickly become blurry and unfocused, allowing you to joyfully drift away without experiencing any mental discomfort.

This euphoric impact is balanced with a calming body high that keeps you grounded. Without even the least impact on your energy level, to the world below.

Reviews (6)

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