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Citrus Punch Strain UK

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Citrus Punch Strain UK

96 reviews
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Potbox's Citrus Punch is a zesty blast of vibrant citrus flavours and positive energy. With hints of grapefruit and lime, this sativa-dominant strain smells of ripening oranges and tangerines. The stimulating cerebral characteristics of this strain reveal a mystery parent lurking just below the top layer of this rich fruit smoothie, yet the uplifting aroma testifies to this strain's Sour Tangie and Clementine bloodlines. Take use of this strain's vibrant terpene profile outside, where it will be more active and enjoyable.

Regarding Citrus Punch

Citrus Punch is a rare blend of Clementine and Sour Tangie that has a citrusy scent that is fresh and invigorating. Citrus Punch, like most sativa-dominant strains, gives users an uplifting, cerebral high, while the strain's 30% indica content relieves pain and gives users tingles from head to toe.

Citrus Punch doesn't guarantee a very potent head high and has THC levels that range from 14% to 19%, but it does remain constantly cloudy. This extremely fruity strain has a tropical appearance to match its flavours thanks to its forest green nugs with amber strands and vivid amber, icy trichomes. As tropical fruit sweetness and potent citrus flavours dance on your taste senses, a brilliant blast of mango and pineapple hits the nostrils.

After just one shot, users may depend on an improvement in mood and a sense of weightlessness. The mind becomes intensely focused quickly after this sativa-forward impact. You'll probably find yourself tearing through your to-do list or finishing a neglected art project while in this euphoric and motivated condition. The strain's vigour is ideal for a wake and bake or an early-afternoon treat. This strain is adored by artists, sportsmen, and creative types since it gives people more energy and attention so they can work on any project.

THC Levels

Did we mention that this strain was uncommon? In case you missed it, it's an uncommon strain. With that comes mystery, suspense, and the desire of the vast majority of those who haven't yet obtained it. We strongly advise you to go for it if you find yourself to be a lucky duck and in the right location at the right moment. Citrus Punch is hard to come by, so grab as much as you can and hang onto it tightly.

Reviews (6)

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