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Og Malawi Haze Strain UK

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Og Malawi Haze Strain UK

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The Salima region of Malawi, in southeast Africa, is the source of the solely sativa Malawi strain.  The flowering period for this strain can last up to 120 days.  Malawi yields lengthy, resin-coated buds that are always worth the wait and a fantastic smoke for any occasion.

Due to its unique blending of the Malawi and Haze strains, the Malawi Haze (27% THC) sativa hybrid has become very famous among enthusiasts. Those who prefer sativa are really interested in this strain because of its mouthwatering flavour. It is a wonderful joy to smoke due to its robust zesty pine flavour and the subtle sweet and spicy floral notes that are released upon exhalation. This strain has a nearly instantaneous effect, giving users an energy boost that induces euphoria. The level of creative focus that comes with this high is unmatched, and gradually it hazes over into an unfocused, euphoric state.

A unique 100% pure sativa hybrid strain known as OG Malawi Haze was produced by crossing the legendary Malawi X Haze. For any sativa enthusiast who enjoys a great hit every time, OG Malawi Haze is the ideal strain thanks to its amazingly delectable flavour. The deep citrusy pine flavour of OG Malawi Haze features undertones of sweet and spicy blossoms on the exhale. As the nugs release their perfume, it is quite mellow and pleasant with a fragrant pine overtone that is complemented by fresh herbs and soil.

With uplifting effects that leave you feeling energised without giving you the anxiety or psychosis that can occasionally accompany a heavy sativa, the OG Malawi Haze high is every bit as amazing as the flavour. As soon as you exhale, you'll experience a surge of energy that will put you in a state of complete euphoria and concentration on your creative work. This impact will soon become blurry and unfocused, allowing you to lose yourself in a state of joyful pleasure free from any mental discomfort. This intoxicating feeling is accompanied by a calming body high that keeps you grounded to the world below without lowering your energy level at all. OG Malawi Haze is frequently used to treat problems including chronic anxiety or stress, inflammation, muscle spasms or cramps, inflammation, chronic pain, and depression because of these effects and its high 24-25% average THC content. This bud contains grape-shaped, forest green nugs with fine orange hairs, an amber crystal trichome sandpaper covering, and sweet sticky resin all throughout.

Reviews (6)

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