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Sour Haze Strain UK

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Sour Haze Strain UK

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This strain's powerful sour aroma and similarly zesty flavour are typically what people notice initially; they may even cause you to pucker. Sour Haze is a Haze hybrid that is a natural favourite for lovers of other Haze strains and a fantastic option for anyone seeking flavour. It is a mix between Sour Diesel and an unidentified Haze strain. Although the crystal-coated flowers are strong, the powerful sativa high keeps consumers awake and concentrated.

With 100% sativa flowers that have an overpoweringly sour aroma that will make your nose scrunch, Sour Haze lives up to its name. These buds have a distinct citrus and jet fuel aroma, and when they burn, they taste like lemon peels that have been dipped in diesel and then turned to smoke.

According to laboratory analysis, this strain is substantially more potent than the norm, with a THC potency of 19–26%. This strain will give you a frenzied, energised buzz in the head that promotes focus, functionality, and good times all around. It might be effective in treating fatigue, weariness, glaucoma, chronic pain and inflammation, headaches, migraines, and nausea. Although seasoned smokers may be able to withstand its energising effects at night, Sour Haze is advised for use in the morning and early afternoon.

Cottonmouth is the most typical adverse effect of sour haze. Sativas can cause sensitivity in people, which can result in paranoia, anxiety, or lightheadedness.


Full spectrum, strain-specific Sour Haze Live Resin Terpene profile. it includes the nicest and most fragrant hemp variety. Only organic hemp is used to create our Live Resin terpenes, which are then extracted using cutting-edge techniques to guarantee peak flavour and freshness. All of this results in our product having the highest terpene and flavour concentrations. The best and most aromatic hemp is used so that you may enjoy a tasty and varied terpene profile.


 A fan favourite due to its unparalleled flavour and effect, it has a powerful terpene profile. A euphoric sensation is produced by the terpene profile of Sour Haze Live Resin. The initial buzz in the head is energising and promotes focus, functionality, and good times all around. It helps you stay energised and concentrated while working on a creative project.


The scent of Sour Haze is renowned. It has a flavour that matches its scent. The end resultant character is sour lemon and sticky and skunky on the exhale, with a sweet diesel aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. This strain tastes similarly lemony and has a strong sour aroma.


For experienced patients with diseases like mild to moderate depression, chronic stress, and sleep difficulties, including insomnia, Sour Haze is the perfect strain. Consuming this strain has advantages for those who are accustomed to these symptoms.

Reviews (6)

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