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Buy West Coast Diesel Marijuana Strain UK

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A genetic mix between Sour Diesel and Frisco OG created West Coast Diesel, also known as West Coast Sour Diesel and Kerosene Kush, a sativa marijuana strain. With a THC content of 24%, West Coast Diesel is the perfect strain for seasoned marijuana users. NorStar Genetics is the breeder of West Coast Diesel. Myrcene is the main terpene in this strain. If you've smoked, dabbed, or consumed West Coast Diesel, leave a review of the strain to share your thoughts. 

One strong mother is West Coast Diesel. It's one of the strongest strains in the world with THC concentrations ranging from 22% to 26%. Kerosene Kush is the moniker given to this nearly pure sativa hybrid due to its strong chemical flavour and scent. The ratio of sativa to indica is 90:10, making for an energising and focussed head high. West Coast Diesel inspires imagination and wisdom. This strain works wonders for melancholy, motion sickness, and triggering hunger. ADHD is also treated with it. Paranoia and dry mouth are symptoms. It shouldn't come as a surprise that West Coast Diesel tastes and smells like chemicals and diesel. The flavour also has a noticeable sour undertone. Due of its many trichomes, this strain has a dark green-brown hue and a frosted appearance. Although the origin of West Coast Diesel is unknown, it is unmistakably a descendant of the original diesel strain. This rare item, which hasn't been on the market for very long, is difficult to find. It was created in California, as implied by its name. There, it is the most well-liked, while elsewhere in the nation, much less so.

Flavours:Sweet, Diesel, Citrus, Dank, and Skunky

Effects: euphoria, happiness, and vigour

Medical: nausea, loss of appetite, stress, discomfort, sadness, exhaustion, and stress

Potency: THC Content: 23%

"OG Sour Diesel"

Both seasoned users and those who are new to this cannabis subgenre favour this Sour Diesel kind. The typical THC content of OG, a Sativa-dominant variety, is roughly 20%. OG Sour Diesel's creator is unknown, but no matter where it came from, it will always taste somewhat like diesel with a sour aftertaste (as the name implies).

OG Sour Diesel promotes sleepiness and relaxation, which helps the body unwind in response to pain and reduces tension.

Reviews (6)

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