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The marijuana strain Super Jack, often referred to as "Super Jack Herer" and "Super Silver Jack," is sativa. Super Jack creates a sweet, spicy combination with a rich buttery scent by combining Super Silver Haze and the legendary Jack Herer. The strong effects inspire creativity and give you a positive energy boost. Super Jack is a terrific daytime strain that can help you get through the day and ease any anxiety.

Very Strong Jack Effects

Super Jack is a strong hybrid with a sativa lean that intensifies the remarkable effects of its two parent strains. The renowned sativa Jack Herer and the very resinous Super Silver Haze were the parents of this energising strain. Super Jack, developed by Southseeds of Amsterdam, provides enduring energy and mental clarity for a range of everyday activities and moods. Super Jack swiftly seizes control and applies consistent pressure to the area around the eyes and temples.

Additionally, it could make the user's face flush, especially after standing up. Almost immediately after, Super Jack starts to exhibit the inspiration and clear-headed focus that have made Jack Herer so well-liked. As the high continues, a subtle body high emerges to offer a tingle of relief and all-encompassing relief in the centre and limbs. But rather than slowing down or immobilising users, these physical effects serve to ease any leftover worry.

Aroma & Flavour

Super Jack flowers have an earthy, dank perfume that is similar to moist soil after they have been thoroughly cured. Underneath this aroma is a vibrant citrus scent that smells like freshly grated orange. Sage and eucalyptus herbal aromas are released when Super Jack's buds are ground up. The strain emits a smooth, easily edible smoke when burned. On exhalation, this smoke has a fruity and hashy flavour.

Looks like what?

Large, spade-like blossoms that attach to the plant and are distinctive to Super Jack have a broad base and a pointed tip. Despite having sativa roots, this strain's buds exhibit an indica structure, with leaves tightly coiled inward as opposed to spiralling loosely out from their central stems. The leaves themselves are a deep forest green, and the twisted orange pistils provide as a contrast. These blossoms are covered in resinous trichomes, making them extremely sticky and challenging to crush without a grinder.

Reviews (6)

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