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The intensity and distinctive flavour profiles of Cheese and Black Jack are combined in Sweet Cheese, a 70% sativa strain. This strain, developed by Sweet Seeds, was intended to provide profound cerebral bliss and long-lasting relaxation throughout the body. Few other cannabis strains have the aromatic blend of cheese and spice that distinguishes Sweet Cheese. While indoor plants bloom in 9 weeks, outdoor Sweet Cheese plants finish flowering in the middle of October.

Easy Sweet Cheese Production

Cannabis strain cultivated by Sweet Seeds that has won awards is called Sweet Cheese. The firm overcame all odds and combined two super substances, Cheese and Blackjack, to create this 30% Indica and 70% Sativa strain, which boasts a wonderful pungent aroma and combines ease of growth, rapid blooming, and strong resistance to fungi.

tall orange hairs that are dispersed throughout the tall, green buds of the Sweet Cheese strain make them easy to identify. The plant can be grown both inside and outside. However, because of its powerful cheese aroma, many people prefer growing it outside. Using a carbon filter might be a wise decision for indoor growers.

When planted indoors, harvesting takes nine weeks. September is the optimal month to harvest outdoor-planted crops. The plant is medium-difficult to cultivate, and it performs best when planted in soil with enough light. In this approach, food preparation is easier and completed more quickly. Thus, hydrogen molecules break more quickly to provide the body with water as soon as it needs it.

  • HST, Adding
  • When planted on aerated soil, the strain thrives.
  • For increased yields, light should be well-balanced and high.
  • During vegetation and blossoming, 400W HID is advised.
  • Fertilisers are a tool you can employ to increase yields: Fox Farm in Italy

Details of this Sativa Strain

Sweet Cheese is a marijuana plant that is 70% sativa and 30% indica and has long, pepper-shaped nugs with a strong sweet cheese aroma. Imagine an Italian or French wheel of cheese with berries or cherries infused into the cream line. This strain tastes just as great as it smells when burned.

According to lab tests, it contains 18–21% THC.

Sweet Cheese has additional benefits in addition to its aroma and flavour. Smokers will notice that smoking makes them happier and sometimes even makes them laugh. Some smokers say it can stimulate hunger but not a ravenous attack of the munchies, and it can induce a dizzying high without sedating them excessively. It might also be effective for reducing inflammation or mild pain.

Cottonmouth is the Sweet Cheese side effect that smokers most frequently describe, although at greater quantities, some smokers may also experience paranoia or anxiety.

Reviews (6)

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