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A Skunk phenotype with a flavour that lives up to its name is the Peaches and Cream hybrid. Peaches & Cream has a floral and lemony scent but a sweet fruity flavour that is enhanced by a light spice. During development, its buds develop a delicate pink-orange hue with beautiful amber hairs erupting from delicate calyxes. This strain is great for concentrating on tasks at hand and unwinding after work because its heady exhilaration gives way to creativity and positive emotions.

Concerning Peaches and Cream

A sativa-leaning variant of the popular strain Skunk is called Peaches and Cream. It enhances the scent of the latter with a fruitier, more popular flavour profile. Peaches and Cream is a strain grown by Big Buddha Seeds, the same cultivators behind Buddha Haze and Blue Cheese. Peaches and Cream's effects are primarily uplifting and energising. Its THC concentration was estimated to be in the range of .This distinctive cultivar immediately distinguishes out thanks to its medium to large blossoms. The buds stick together in an elongated, tapering arrangement that resembles tiny pinecones. They also have buds that appear to be indicas, with a thick core and tightly clustered leaves. The leaves themselves are a mottled mixture of dark and light green, with neon orange pistils standing out. The blossoms of Peaches & Cream are covered in a thick layer of sticky, transparent trichomes.

Flowers of Peaches and Cream, when properly cured, offer a distinctive peach scent. Some sweet and floral basenotes complement this fruity scent. These buds smell more acidic, almost fermented, and partly like rotting leaves when they are split apart or ground up. On the exhale, they have a silky, smooth mouthfeel with just a trace of vanilla flavour, and they burn with a smooth, incredibly delicious smoke.

Patients who use medical cannabis may also benefit in a number of ways from Peaches and Cream's extensive effects. Those who suffer from attention deficit disorders may find it easier to stay concentrated on a single job due to the accelerated thinking that comes with its onset. The strain's laid-back attitude may, albeit momentarily, lessen tension and depressive symptoms. Physical applications include managing chronic pain as well as having anti-inflammatory properties that could lessen the discomfort of common ailments like cramping and nausea. Peaches & Cream is unfortunately not the ideal choice for people who are inclined to worry or anxiety because it might generate repetitive and possibly paranoid ways of thinking.

Reviews (6)

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