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Timewreck Weed Strain UK

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Timewreck Weed Strain UK

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Timewreck, developed by TGA Genetics, is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blood Wreck (Trainwreck x Trinity) and Vortex. Timewreck's delicate earthy smells are enlivened by the acidic, fruity flavours of Vortex, which add sharp notes of lemon, lime, sandalwood, and pear. Timewreck's THC concentration, which won the High Times Cup, provides powerful relief for severe medical conditions, but first-time users should be cautious of this strain's potency. While Timewreck's name is partially justified by the dizzying euphoria it produces in high quantities, smaller doses are more likely to stimulate active creativity and energy. After a 60 to 70 day flowering period, Timewreck normally delivers moderate indoor harvests.



Timewreck is a 70/30 Sativa-leaning hybrid that has won awards, and it contains 19% THC. The strain was developed in 2011 by TGA Subcool Seeds and gained a reputation for its power and dependability right away. You will detect the pungent sourness that Vortex is known for combined with the earthy, spicy, and citrus aromas that can be linked to the Blood Wreck as a result of the cross between Vortex and Blood Wreck. The flavour is distinctive and strangely suggestive of cheese at first, followed by the well-known citrus and spice overtones. These sticky resin-covered buds have a moderate THC content, yet they are nonetheless incredibly potent.


Unless you are an expert smoker, you should use this strain sparingly. Timewreck produces a significant mental high that is well-supported by a thoughtful body buzz. It will be a beautiful blend of tranquilly and creativity when taken in tiny amounts. After the high wears off, you'll feel inspired and prepared to produce. However, in higher doses, you will experience euphoric effects and sporadic angst. When properly savoured, Timewreck is a terrific companion for the day. Additionally, we advise using this strain if you're experiencing sadness or motion sickness.


Wreck of Blood, Vortex

Reviews (6)

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