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Two Dreams

The famous Blue Dream was crossed with Dream Star to produce the sativa-dominant hybrid known as Double Dream. Double Dream is a hybrid of 90% sativa and 10% indica with a 20% THC concentration.

Despite its dreamy moniker, Double Dream is a daytime strain (cultivar) that produces a euphoric buzz and is unlikely to result in "couch lock." Double Dream is regarded as a "party" strain that promotes socialisation informally. Due to this, Double Dream may be very useful for controlling anxiety as well as for easing the symptoms of depression, stress, and chronic pain.

The flavour of Double Dream is a lovely fusion of spiciness, sweet floral notes, and, according to some users, a hint of blueberry, which comes from the ancestry of its parent beverage Blue Dream.

By fusing the renowned Blue Dream with Dream Star, the sativa-dominant hybrid Double Dream adds a distinctive twist. Double Dream is a calming and cognitively stimulating strain with a rich flavour profile that synchronises sweet floral notes with berries and spice while still allowing clear-headed functionality. A profound physical relaxation that reduces pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation serves as the foundation for its hazy, euphoric buzz. Patients utilise this uplifting strain to get relief from PTSD, migraines, and nausea during the day.

With a maximum THC content of 26%, Double Dream marijuana may make you feel as ecstatic as internet sensation Paul Vasquez did after discovering his double rainbow in the sky.

Double Dream is a sophisticated cannabis strain with a fast-acting, "dreamy" recreational high that elevates mood while also muffling pain, stress, and inflammation. It is almost entirely sativa (only about 10% of its genetic makeup is indica). Additionally, it has been used effectively to treat headaches and PTSD daytime symptoms. Warning: Too much Double Dream marijuana can put you in a trance-like state. This is another situation where patients would benefit greatly from learning the technique of microdosing.

Double Dream feminised marijuana seeds are a little more picky in the garden than others because they grow tall and develop wide branches that swell with bulky buds that need support. After 50–60 days in the flowering stage, the extra care will reward the diligent grower with a magnificent 1000 grammes per plant.

Would you risk Double Dreaming? Buy Double Dream feminised cannabis seeds right away!

Reviews (6)

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