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Buy Pine OG Weed Strain UK

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The THC content of the Pine OG cannabis strain ranges from 26-27% on average. Due to its intensity, experienced users may wish to start slowly and newcomers should be cautious. The buds on this strain are quite dense and have a strong pine tree aroma. It can treat agitation, a loss of appetite, spasms, mood problems, and anxiety disorders. Perfect for use during the day.

The Pine OG

Pine OG is rather difficult to locate in the majority of the United States, despite being well-liked by the few patients who have tried it. The West Coast and Colorado may have a few dispensaries where it sells, but outside of those legal markets, it is probably fairly uncommon. It's worth trying because it's a powerful pure sativa, which is getting harder to find these days. Although data on THC levels are scarce, it indicates that this strain can reach THC levels of up to 26%, making it one of the strongest strains in the world. Since CBD is less than 1%, patients will unquestionably gain more from the THC than the CBD. This strain produces incredibly dense nugs that smell strongly like a pine forest. The flavour of Pine OG is pine and wood. This strain and its sativa genes produce a strong cerebral high that is focused, energising, and creative, as well as a sociable energy and an uplifted, joyful mood. It can be used to treat muscle spasms, mental disorders, irritability, lack of appetite, and anxiety.


Many cannabis strains have flavours of pine. You will feel as though you are in the heart of an alpine woodland thanks to this flavour and perfume. The taste of pine is extraordinarily sharp, crisp, and fresh—like inhaling pure air. Pinene is the terpene that gives plants their distinctive pine flavour. The substance directly responsible for the scent of pine trees is pinene.

Reviews (6)

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