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The term "Jamaica" refers to the natural cannabis strains (or "landraces") that are native to this part of the world. These kinds often have a sativa structure and effect because to Jamaica's latitude and temperature.

Merchandise Description

THC Concentrations of 17% to 23%

This solely Sativa strain is indigenous to the island of Jamaica, as the name suggests. Only after being carried to Jamaica by Indian servants during the British era did this strain become a landrace for that country. It is exceedingly uncommon and frequently mislabeled as a hybrid due to its appearance in comparison to strains that are frequently marketed. The strain is safe to use throughout the daytime because it is 100% Sativa.

The Smell, Taste, and Appearance of Jamaicans

Both in terms of flavour and aroma, it has an organic pungent quality. The aroma of Jamaican has been described as "skunky-sweet" by users. The leaves are sparsely scattered and airy in appearance; they in no way resemble compacted hybrids. Leaf colours range from dark green to forest green. When exhaled, it feels rough and stinging in the throat.

Jamaican influence

Contrary to the Indica, it is well known for its powerful effects that energise mental activities. The most frequently mentioned effects of the Jamaican strain include feeling extremely creative, concentrated, energetic, and still euphoric.  90% of users of this strain typically indicate that their high stimulated their cerebral activity. Regarding the "good vibes only" claim, Jamaican strain has been observed to deliver pleasant trips to 76% of users, an uplifted and energising mood to 67% of users, a relaxed and creative sensation to roughly 62% of users, and euphoria to the lucky 55% of users.

Jamaican Cannabis Flowering Period, Cultivation, and Cost

Due to the need for a tropical climate and the fact that it can easily outgrow indoor conditions, it is not suitable for indoor growing or cultivation. Additionally, some users have noted an increase in talkativeness and social orientation. Similar to other landraces, the price of Jamaican is mostly influenced by its potency and stability. In comparison to other Sativa strains, the Jamaican strain takes a lot longer to blossom, up to 5 months for a fully flowered strain.

Reviews (6)

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