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South American and Afghani marijuana were crossed to create the hybrid strain known as Red Dragon. Red Dragon has a pleasant and fruity perfume and creates cheerful and uplifting effects. Take Red Dragon with caution if you're prone to anxiety, as some users claim it makes them feel rather paranoid. This strain is preferred by medical marijuana users to ease the symptoms of stress and despair.

Taste, smell, and appearance of the red dragon

Red Dragon offers a good deal of the citric, herbaceous, and spicy flavours that you would anticipate from a top-notch cannabis strain. But below it, there's something very different.

Sweet tropical fruit flavours and exotic smells are present. This strain leans slightly towards that colour by developing long red hairs, although tasting as though it should be a vibrant red rather than a calming green.


  • The Red Dragon strain is a unique creature. After a particularly lengthy session, some claim the predominantly sativa-leaning hybrid can make them feel overstimulated or even paranoid, while others claim they enjoy using it to unwind after a stressful day at work.
  • Soon as the delicious flavour leaves your lips, you can count on this creature to rear its muscular head and take you on quite the journey.
  • Although some users claim to experience a significant amount of the indica effect, this strain is primarily known for its uplifting effects, imaginative thoughts, and a lot of laughter.
  • Because this strain frequently has a high enough THC level to send you flying straight up, you should definitely approach with caution. The Red Dragon strain's elusiveness, which some claim makes it one of the toughest to find, is the most common criticism.
  • You might experience an enthusiastic, joyful, and energising high after taking the red dragon strain, making you feel like you can take on virtually anything. Your experience depends depend on how much of the strain you take because, while having an average THC level, it is highly potent. You can get a creative spark and generate a tonne of solutions to challenges if you consume the correct amount.
  • If you ingest excessive amounts of dragon strains while experiencing paranoia or despair, your situation could quickly get worse. Regardless of your smoking history, you should start out by using this strain sparingly.
  • Red Dragon is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it a stimulating strain that medical marijuana experts use for therapeutic purposes as well. They suggest it for anyone who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or stress because it is a great product to boost mood. Although not all users, you might anticipate experiencing a dry mouth, dry eyes, and a feeling of euphoria after smoking dragon strains.

Reviews (6)

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