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King Tut Cannabis Strain UK

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King Tut Cannabis Strain UK

96 reviews
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King Tut, also called "Tutankhamon," "Pharaoh," and "Tutankhamon," is a strong sativa marijuana hybrid created through crossing AK-47 and other cannabis varieties. King Tut has energising effects, making it a great option for social gatherings or stimulating the mind. Sour, skunky, and fruity flavours may be found in this strain. Patients who use medical marijuana sometimes select King Tut to aid with pain-related symptoms. Although this strain is vulnerable to fungus and extreme humidity, growers think it produces a great mother plant.

Details of this Sativa Strain

Sativa-dominant cannabis strain King Tut is also referred to as Tutankhamon. The name honours one of Egypt's most illustrious kings, the mighty Pharaoh. The AK-47 ancestor and exceedingly rare King Tut strain. The energising, intellectual effect that users have reported makes it a great choice for daily tasks, physical activity, or social occasions. It has a fruity scent and flavour with a sour, skunky undertone. According to reviews, King Tut is very effective at treating stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and depression.

Common Effects


King Tut doesn't have well-documented stats, however they generally hover around 2%, thus anyone seeking a strain that retains CBD should be aware of this. The King Tut strain's high will draw you inside of yourself and promote brisk energy and a lot of chatting. You can use King Tut to give yourself the advantage if you have an upcoming social event or a full day of errands. You'll start giggling and chatting as a result, and your creativity will also bloom. Thus, you might utilise King Tut to inspire your own artistic endeavours.

King Tut's terpene composition favours the decrease of inflammation when used medicinally. You can also address sadness, stress, and pain. King Tut has a fruity, floral aroma when you first light it, and it tastes skunky and slightly sour after a while. Additionally, there is a citrusy undertone.

Reviews (6)

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