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Concerning Very Berry Haze

Sativa enthusiasts rejoice! This kind tastes like a berry punch in the mouth and possesses all the best qualities that pure sativas are renowned for. Very Berry Haze is an uplifting strain with a long-lasting high that was created by crossing Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze, two highly regarded and tasty strains. Grab some paper and a lighter because Apothecary Genetics has created your new favourite strain.

This is going to be a potent little bud, it's safe to say, with a somewhat wide net cast around the THC concentration, as anywhere from 12% to 18% is considered normal, with CBD and CBN levels at 1% apiece. There is no denying why this strain was given the name Very Berry Haze given its incredible flavour and aroma. The powerful berry perfume with touches of citrus and spice is the first thing you notice. You can't help but think of cobbler when you take your first whiff because it is buttery, sweet, and rich in berry flavour. It is a great eyeful since the nugs are compact, olive green, with tiny orange hairs and sparkling trichomes.

In California and many other locations where marijuana is legal, Haze Berry is adored. It is the result of a hybrid between the traditional Blueberry strain and an energising Sativa-dominant Haze variety. The combination of a sweet flavour and stone and a smooth, energetic high makes this product the best of both worlds.

A hybrid of blueberry and haze

Its genetics are thought to be a result of a mix between a Super Silver Haze plant from The Netherlands and an original Blueberry plant from DJ Shorts. This fantastic hybrid combines the Blueberry's sweetness and heavy yielding characteristics with the energising Haze high.

Excellent calibre and smooth

The impact is predominantly sativa, with a pleasant, uplifting high that transitions into a more tranquil indica stoned state. Though there are hints of haze in her taste buds, the blueberry flavour dominates. Due to its consistent, high-quality cannabis yields, Haze Berry is a favourite among gardeners and consumers who use cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

Reviews (6)

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