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Afghani Bullrider Cannabis Strain UK

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Afghani Bullrider Cannabis Strain UK

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There are several urban legends surrounding this strain's early appearance. Before spreading to the rest of the West Coast, it exploded in San Diego. Afghani Bullrider features attractive light green buds coated in orange hairs, a potent sweet and acidic aroma, and a hint of fresh pine. This potent strain will make you feel extremely couchlocked without making you drowsy. It travels directly to the brain and may encourage original ideas while calming the body.

Details of this Indica strain

A 100% indica cannabis strain, Afghani Bullrider has tiny grape-shaped buds with blazing orange pistils that are mint green when they are ready for harvest. It has a sweet and tangy flavour with hints of pine and fresh earth.

The landrace strain Afghani is the ancestor of Afghani Bullrider. In San Diego, California, it is supposed to have initially flourished under the guidance of a professional bull rider.

This strain's THC content ranges from 15% to 21% on average, with some crops producing 2% CBD levels. Its high is reported to be identical to its name, giving the user the impression that they are floating or being tossed, much like when they are riding a bull. Some people have reported a mild but delightful dizziness as a result. Fast-acting Afghani Bullrider produces a head high that can cause bouts of laughter right away. The body will completely unwind, and some people have noted that it can boost creativity.

The worst known adverse effects are vertigo and paranoia, with a high likelihood of cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes.

Benefits of Afghani Bullriders for Health

Patients who use medicinal marijuana adore this kind for its many therapeutic uses.

  • This strain's powerful body stone and high THC and CBD levels make it perfect for sufferers with severe discomfort.
  • This strain may be suitable for persons with sleeplessness due to the same sedative effects.
  • Due to this strain's uplifting properties, stress, anxiety, and minor bouts of depression disappear.

Reviews (6)

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