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Due to the unusual structure of Nepali cannabis, Nepal Kush Cannabis Seeds stands out from the crowd as a double hash plant hybrid. The hash plants that may be found across the Hindu Kush are typical Indicas—dark and compact—and are mostly utilised to produce sieved hashish. Like in many other Himalayan regions, charas in Nepal is made by hand-rubbing several herbs.

Nepali cannabis, like other strains from this sizable, mountainous region, has been bred over generations to produce resin, giving it a lusciously thick covering of sticky trichomes that can be readily removed from the surface of the buds.

Nepali ganja, in contrast to other hash plants, is tall and bushy and grows stems covered in alternate flower clusters. One of the very sought-after charas grades produced from this unique cannabis family is Temple Ball hash.

A fat, compact Kush Indica strain appears from the other side of the Himalayas, controlling the Nepali's less practical traits for indoor cultivation and enabling a good yield from the long, full buds. Naturally, the Nepal Kush hybrid's Afghani parent contributes unique smells and resins of its own.

Details of this Indica strain

"Nepal Kush" is another name for Nepalese Kush. Growing in Nepal's untamed mountains, Nepalese Kush is a pure indica strain that is descended from the original Hindu Kush. Finding a true purebred specimen of Nepalese Kush is virtually unheard of because it is such a rare and exotic strain. However, if you do manage to find this unicorn strain, you will be rewarded with effects that are purely indica and flavours that are out of this world.

Buds on Nepalese Kush are brilliant green and shaped like hearts. It contains pointed orange pistils and a dense layer of amber trichomes that binds everything together. It is frequently equally as purple as it is green. Nepalese Kush has a distinctive herbal and spice perfume that dominates a sweet floral aroma. According to its scent profile, Nepalese Kush tastes first like sweet flowers before becoming more musky and ending with a spicy kick. It also has notes of herbs and soil. It smokes with a rich, delicious flavour.

It has been argued that Nepalese Kush is the strain that defines what to anticipate from an indica strain. The effects of Nepalese Kush, according to its supporters, begin with a mild cerebral euphoria that elevates mood, calms the mind, and shifts negative ideas to pleasant ones. Every muscle in the body is said to experience profoundly calming and relaxing benefits from Nepalese Kush. All report experiencing a narcotic-like numbness and sedation, however others report experiencing a tingling sensation and increased physical sensitivity.

Reviews (6)

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