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His marijuana variety is a very unusual, 100% indica strain. a lineage of the notorious Kush variety. offering a typical THC content of 13–19%. This plant is most well-known for its distinctive Kush scent. Having a woody, earthy, and slightly spicy effect that is dank. JT15 cannabis strain for sale

Benefits from using this marijuana strain for medical purposes include its potent effects on chronic pain, insomnia, and chronic stress.

The high has a teetering-on-overpowering affect that can make you drowsy and couch-locked. Self-reflective with a tendency to occasionally become very ethereal and remote.


JT15 is a fantastic option for both novice and experienced users due to its buildable high. Having said that, the Indica's first onset is mostly characterised by an energising buzz. The cerebral high begins slowly and doesn't really pick up steam until a few hits have been made. But when it occurs, the behavioural shift is evident right away. Users exude a brightness that can only result from a natural sense of joy.

It might be smart to make some snacks in advance, though, as the mental stimulation might make you pretty peckish.

The effects of the indica strain start to kick in after around an hour. Beginning in the back of the skull, the buzzing sensation progresses to a full-body relaxation. Most likely, the weight will keep some people anchored to their couches until they start to feel a little drowsy. Users eventually fall asleep and journey to Dreamland with Mr. Sandman.


JT15 has a profile that is primarily earthy with wood undertones. Its dank odour is broken down into a musky, spicy perfume.


JT15 has a cool smoke that, when inhaled, fills the mouth with a delicious pine flavour. Subtle hints of herbs and spices that become completely visible on the exhale go perfectly with the mouthwatering wood.

Negative Reaction

It is always a great choice to smoke marijuana while having a drink nearby. This is due to the fact that some cannabinoids in the herb have a propensity to obstruct the secretion of moisture from salivary and tear ducts. As a result, fans are prone to develop red eyes and a cottonmouth. However, it should be noted that neither caffeine nor alcohol should be added to the beverage since both have a tendency to amplify any undesirable effects.

Reviews (6)

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