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Jedi Kush Weed Strain UK

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Jedi Kush Weed Strain UK

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Death Star and SFV OG Kush join forces in Jedi Kush to create an indica alliance that will awaken the body and the mind. When a bud is broken open, a complex combination of sour skunk and tangy diesel is released, bringing Jedi Kush's shy scent to life. The mind is enveloped in a hazy bliss that eventually intensifies into bolting mental energy. With this strain, patients can address conditions including pain, PTSD, depression, stress, headaches, and appetite loss while getting a strong dose of cannabinoids during the day. With an 8 to 9 week flowering period, Jedi plants not only flourish indoors but also demonstrate tenacity in outdoor gardens.

Regarding Jedi Kush


The potent psychic knight within will be awakened by Jedi Kush, an indica. This strain was developed by Cali Connections, who also developed Deadhead OG and Alien OG, as a result of crossing the powerful indica Death Star with the SFV OG Kush. It provides a complex, multi-layered high that is not overpowering despite having indica genetics. Jedi Kush is certain to give your day a trippy new dimension, even though it won't offer you the ability to control people's minds. Jedi Kush is extremely potent for both cannabis and veterans, with Analytical 360's cannabis testing lab frequently finding samples of Jedi Kush to have between 15% and a whopping 30% THC.

Common Effects

Jedi Kush flowers have a strong diesel aroma when well cured; this aroma was probably inherited from the parent strain Death Star, which also possesses Sour Diesel in its genetics. The buds also have a damp, earthy aroma that is somewhat reminiscent of moist soil after a shower upon closer observation. Sharp, skunky notes come out when these buds are ground up or cracked open. Jedi Kush emits an unpleasant, caustic smoke when burned that may hurt the palate and sinuses, resulting in coughing and watering eyes. This strain can be a highly pungent smoke, so those who want to keep their use quiet may want to take a few measures.

The high from Jedi Kush is gradual and creeping. Smokers may not sense a progressive warping of their sensory perception for some minutes after they have relished its sophisticated flavour combination. Users also mention a strong sense of time dilation and the possibility that sounds and sights may acquire a new dimension. Consumers can point this high in any direction after becoming accustomed, though. When working on jobs that involve solving problems, it can stimulate both creativity and in-depth analysis. Jedi Kush, on the other hand, is perfect for drifting off and taking in the scenery while daydreaming. Smokers experience these cerebral effects in addition to a light, tingling bodily high that gives them renewed energy and drive. Exercise, dance, and even sex are fantastic examples of activities that benefit from this synergy of mental and physical consequences. Even while it often doesn't make you sleepy, a higher dose can eventually make you couchlocked. Jedi

Reviews (6)

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