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Blood Diamond OG Weed Strain UK

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Blood Diamond OG Weed Strain UK

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Blood Diamond is an entirely indica-dominant cannabis variety. This strain is not suitable for novice or low tolerance smokers because it is a clone of the famed strain OG Kush. The THC content of Blood Diamond will always be at least 20% and has been seen on shelves as high as 30%. Very strong citrus notes with hints of pine, occasionally fuel, and classic skunk dominate the bouquet. The smells are strong and difficult to cover up. There is a lot of citrus and fragrant pine in the smoke itself. Light green, frosty Blood Diamond nugs have trichomes and vivid orange pistils all over them. Smokers of medical marijuana adore its long-lasting, all-over effects.

Details of this Indica strain

Because Blood Diamond is a phenotype of the infamous OG Kush, it is an indica cannabis strain with a powerful scent. Be careful when smoking or vaping it because it has a strong aroma that is reminiscent of a dense pine forest with overtones of spices and citrus.

It's possible that this strain is also known as Blood Diamond OG on occasion.

Its cured flowers, which are long and pale green with many of pistils flowing through the buds, can help you identify it. It has a frosted appearance due to a significant covering of trichomes.

Customers who use the Blood Diamond strain have been said to feel relaxed or peaceful. It is said to reduce stress and anxiety while also putting the body into a deep state of relaxation. Some people have used it to sleep better and manage chronic pain, while others just enjoy to relax while curled up on the couch.

THC content in Blood Diamond often ranges in the low 20s. Myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are its main terpenes.

Blood Diamond Marijuana THC Content

Given that Blood Diamond is an OG Kush genotype, its potency should not come as a surprise. All of the flower from this strain is extremely strong because its potency ranges from 20 to 30 percent. If you don't want to experience an uncomfortable high that lasts for hours, you should start with weaker strains and work your way up.


Blood Diamond Strain's Taste and Aroma

Blood Diamond has a citrus and herbal flavour. With hints of lemon and soil, the perfume is rather overpowering. This strain contains the terpenes Pinene, Bisabolol, and Myrcene. Pinene is going to smell and taste like pine. Try to get some inflammatory and anxious alleviation. This strong terp can be found in both Moon Drops and African Haze.

You can unwind with the aid of bisabolol, which is usually included in skincare products. Stress, anxiety, and even insomnia may be reduced with the aid of the terpene. This terpene is found in the strains Grape Pie and Ice Cream Cake. A terpene with an earthy flavour called myrcene helps people relax both physically and mentally. This calming terpene is present in White Widow and Sour Diesel, both of which have garnered accolades internationally.

Reviews (6)

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