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Dark Star Weed Strain

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Dark Star Weed Strain

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Indica marijuana strain Dark Star, also referred to as "Darkstar," is available. The effects of Dark Star are as ethereal as its name implies: a profound sense of relaxation throughout the body coupled with a profound tranquilly. Although the strain has celestial effects, it's most likely a tribute to the Grateful Dead song "Dark Star." A mix between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, T.H. Seeds created this dark, nearly blue strain inside first.

Regarding DarkStar

TH Seeds developed the 100% pure indica strain Dark Star, also known as DarkStar, with the goal of developing a medical strain that stayed loyal to its Afghan origins without dominating its therapeutic properties. This strain was created by breeding two already-famous varieties, Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, to produce this mind-numbing but not overly potent strain that is a favourite of all users, whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

Given that its average THC content is around 19% and that it almost always produces consistent results, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that this is a therapeutic favourite, especially among beginner users. These forest green, nearly navy blue buds, which are covered in pink hairs and crystal trichomes, are extremely stunning. Coffee and earthy aromas dominate the aroma, with tart kush undertones in the background. The flavour is rich and sweet, with hints of coffee and herbs dancing on your tongue.

Common Effects

As it is a general sedative that can eliminate all pain in a matter of minutes, this flower is perfect for people who struggle with sleeplessness, chronic pain, nausea, or muscular spasms. It is excellent for treating the symptoms of mental health and mood disorders like depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar, and moderate cases of PTSD since it provides an uplifting high. Be aware that this strain is not advised for any ailment where CBD is needed as part of the treatment because its levels of CBD are virtually undetectable.

It's a self-blooming dream strain, in case you needed another reason to adore this DarkStar. During the vegetative stage, you'll need to practise patience, but after that's over, you'll discover that this is the plant you've been hoping for. In addition to all of its other good qualities, this indoor/outdoor flowering plant has an approximate 9–10 week harvest period and will provide a yield that is far above normal for its class. Grooming will be essential if you are growing it indoors because it tends to be a tall plant.

Reviews (6)

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