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Triple Crown OG Weed Strain

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Triple Crown OG Weed Strain

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With a beautiful pine aroma and strong euphoric effects, the indica strain Crown OG keeps loyal to its OG roots. While Crown OG's crushing THC level may be detrimental to your memory and cognitive function, it is ideal for people dealing with extreme discomfort or insomnia. As "Best Indica Concentrate," this strain won the 2015 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup, earning the winning stripes that appear in its moniker.

Re: Crown OG

Crown OG is an indica-only strain that benefits from some elite genetics. This strain is claimed to be a descendant of the OG Kush, the king of all pungent indicas, however its creators are still unknown. It's hardly surprising that a sugar wax prepared from Crown OG by Greenwolf La and Nature's Lab Extracts won the award for Best Indica Concentrate at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Denver. The sugar wax provided a powerful, therapeutic body high. The potency of this plant has been estimated to be between 23% and 28%. Crown OG's flowers are only tiny to medium in size, but they stick together in dense buds that are difficult for users to separate. The nugs have a spade-like form, tapering from a wide base to a point at the tip. These large, moss-green leaves have curling orange hairs running through them, which are pistils designed to attract pollen from male plants that have flowered. This strain's silvery sheen is due to a coating of hazy white trichomes, which also give it its psychoactivity and sticky texture.

Common Effects

When initially observed, the blooms of Crown OG emit a pungent tang that smells somewhat like ammonia or cat pee. This strain is immediately recognised for its potent chemical funk. When consumers grind their cannabis, the traditional dank OG aroma is more noticeable and a skunky odour is also released. Crown OG produces a thick, bitter smoke that some people may find unpleasant and cough-inducing when used in a joint or pipe. This smoke has a deep, piney flavour with an aftertaste.

The high from Crown OG develops gradually, often taking several minutes after consumers have completed smoking for it to become apparent. When the high finally does come, it first appears as a pressure around the eyes and temples. Soon after, the entire body begins to feel heavy and stoney. This rapid sensation can be somewhat disconcerting for people with a lesser THC tolerance, even though experienced users may find it soothing. Keep munchies close by as the strain can be a potent hunger stimulant. Crown OG is best used for daydreaming or listening to slow, ambient music at home because of its calming properties.

The kind of profound, intellectual thinking that is typically associated with more sativa-influenced strains doesn't commonly result from this marijuana, despite the fact that it does provide some mental stimulation. Instead, smokers claim to experience a constant exhilaration that encourages giddiness and spontaneous talking in social situations.The strain can be a potent aphrodisiac under the right circumstances, according to those who have been able to stay awake through its sedative effects. With this strain, couchlock and sleep are possible in doses that are high enough. It's better suited for use at night rather than in the morning or afternoon.

Reviews (6)

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