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Rainbow Kush Mints Marijuana UK

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Rainbow Kush Mints Marijuana UK

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Information about the Rainbow Kush Mints strain

The majority of modern strains struggle to provide a satisfying, powerful, and energising smoking experience. Thankfully, the Rainbow Kush Mints strain has a mouthwatering flavour and incredible effects. This Craft Collection will astonish and amaze you with its indica-dominant genetics and 22-25% THC potency, Rainbow Kush Mint!

Presentation and Taste

You probably won't see Rainbow Kush Mints very often. This strain is an uncommon and exceptional indica-dominant hybrid produced by crossing Platinum Kush Mints with Rainbow Zkittlez. Due to its scarcity and the challenging nature of cultivation, this unique breed is only produced in small quantities by skilled farmers.

What kind of strain is this? To begin with, this strain has outstanding bag appeal. You will immediately notice this if you open a bag. The nugs themselves are big and dense because of their indica-dominant genetics. The surface of this strain is also covered in a thick layer of frosty trichomes, giving it an even more minty appearance. This type, which is bright green with some sparse orange hairs, is as revitalising to the eyes as it is to the palate. Although it is mainly green, some uncommon genotypes will contain a touch of purple weed colour!

We'll move on to the fragrance next. This strain has a highly vibrant and energising scent, as suggested by its name. Its progenitor strain, Rainbow Zkittlez, first offers an irresistible sweet and fruity flavour. This sweetness is offset by some minty freshness from Platinum Kush Mints, creating an extraordinary terpene profile.

The flavour of this strain is almost identical to how it smells. A very sweet and fruity flavour tickles and pleases the tongue as you exhale. A short while later, the palate is revived by a minty, menthol aftertaste with citrus undertones. Without a doubt, this strain is fantastic for reviving you after a meal.


However, this strain offers remarkable effects in addition to its amazing flavour and beauty. While this strain has amazing refreshing flavours, its high is where it really shines. Once you've tasted the pleasant, cooling smoke of this strain, a light cerebral high will start to take hold. You'll experience mild numbness, euphoria, and complete relaxation. Soon after, a sedative body high will begin to take effect, further aiding in your relaxation.

Although Rainbow Kush Mints' THC level isn't as high as that of other strains, its effects more than make up for it. The fact that this strain isn't overpowering or sedative is its best quality. This strain is easy to consume for users, making it an excellent choice for both day and night use. Furthermore, the calming, euphoric benefits of this strain are excellent for treating ADD, stress, and mood swings! This vibrant, minty strain will revive your thoughts today!

Reviews (6)

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