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Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain UK

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Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain UK

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Our Cherry Pie cannabis strain, an indica-dominant hybrid of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison, was cultivated from a clone popularised by Berner and acquired from Dark Heart Nursery. The cannabis strain with a predominance of indica combines the best qualities of its two parent cannabis varieties. Cherry Pie Marijuana is a favourite among hashmakers due to its great trichome production, dense, vivid buds, and high THC content. The Cherry Pie strain's effects start to take effect right away and linger for a few hours.F1 Durb and Granddaddy Purple are Cherry Pie's parents. This hybrid strain has rich, orange-haired buds with a hint of purple and a sweet-and-sour cherry pie aroma. It has been reported that the effects can start in a matter of minutes and last for a couple of hours.


Calming, anti-inflammatory, and cerebral. The strain's anti-inflammatory properties can soothe headaches and lessen aches and pains brought on by diseases. The Cherry Pie cannabis variety is suitable for both social gatherings and quiet nights at home.

Genetics and History

Cherry Pie, also referred to as Cherry Kush, is a well-liked and strong hybrid that leans more towards indica. This hybrid strain combines the best qualities of its two parent strains, the potent sativa Durban Poison and the flavor-forward indica Granddaddy Purple. The balanced and enlarging high of Cherry Pie is pleasurable in a number of contexts. This strain's adaptability and its tart and fruity flavour have made it a mainstay in dispensaries around the country. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing laboratory, examined various Cherry Pie flower samples and discovered consistently high levels of THC, with an average of roughly 20%.

Looks, flavour, and aroma

Cherry Pie has tiny to medium-sized flowers with bud structures similar to those of other strains that lean heavily towards indica. The tightly coiled leaves are tightly clustered and have bright orange pistils running through them. The majority of the leaves are mossy green, but some phenotypes display flashes of purple. This latter colour is a result of the plant's genes, which were passed down from Grandaddy Purple, which contain high concentrations of pigments that highlight colours other than green when they are stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process. The little nugs have a silver sheen and a particularly sticky texture thanks to the brightly coloured buds' white translucent trichome coating.s

Reviews (6)

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