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Introduction to the Gas Strain

The renowned Loompa breeder developed the pure Indica variety known as "Gas" at Clouds fields near San Jose, California. It is unknown who her parents are. Beautiful light green buds with translucent trichomes and golden hairs are produced by this marijuana. They taste like pine and lemons when smoked, with a hint of diesel. Due to her mild 25% THC content, most consumers may appreciate her. Due to its calming qualities, this strain is suitable for evening and nighttime medical and recreational use.

Potential Negative Effects

Expect the typical adverse effects of marijuana use, including dry mouth and itchy, dry eyes. You might also develop bloodshot eyes from New Gas City. Rarely, the mix may cause extreme wooziness and paranoia.

The good news is that these adverse effects are rather common. Additionally, by drinking enough of water throughout and after your session, you can easily avoid some of these side effects. Exercise and cold showers can also help reduce the negative effects of marijuana.

Health Benefits of New Gas City

New Gas City's high THC content makes it potentially helpful for treating a wide range of medical conditions. It is an excellent treatment for illnesses like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder because of its capacity to elevate mood.

In terms of pain relief, New Gas City is also quite effective. It has strong benefits that reduce muscle spasms and chronic pain. It may also be used to alleviate cramps, headaches, and migraines.

Do you frequently have an appetite loss? You will fit very well in New Gas City. You are able to eat more since it causes a serious attack of the munchies. Before lighting your joint, just make sure your goodies are prepared. Other medical applications for New Gas City include the treatment of arthritis, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and nausea.

Effects, flavour, and appearance

Better Than Yours OG (BTY OG) and Gas Station Bob are two extremely rare strains that were combined to create Trap Gas OG. Although its ancestry is murky, the fact that it is a South Bay Genetics trait ensures its high quality. This hybrid strain, which is primarily indica, produces dense, fluffy, and dank nugs. Trap Gas OG has a traditional indica appearance, with a spade-shaped flower and a dark green hue. Its gassy appearance is finished with rust-orange pistils and a thick coating of kief on the surface. Even though this strain's look already conveys a lot, we still need to explore its flavours and fragrances to fully understand what it has to offer. First, the smell. Fresh pine and a tart, citrusy lemon scent predominate on the nose. Its terpene composition is completed by these pleasant fragrances as well as notes of soil and pungent skunk. The flavour is also a plus. Trap Gas OG tastes nearly identical to how it smells. On the exhale, smokers will detect a delicate skunk marijuana flavour along with a lovely scent of citrus and pine. Even the most discriminating smokers will be able to enjoy this strain because it tastes so much like the original OG Kush! then comes the high. The high from Trap Gas OG is completely different. The sensation is remarkably comparable to the original OG Kush, with a tiny indica twist, and will appeal to fans of that strain. Initial side effects include a little tingling in the hands and limbs and pressure behind the eyes. Shortly after, this pressure dissipates into an all-pervasive wave of euphoria, sedation, and relaxation. Complete comfort and relaxation set in, sweeping away all stress, tension, and unfavourable thoughts. These effects will hit hard and stay a long time due of its extremely high THC potency of 25–29%, so you best be ready!

Reviews (6)

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