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The almost all indica Tora Bora strain is designed for cannabis users with high tolerance levels because of its intensely strong effects. DNA Genetics crossed L.A. Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani to create this 99% indica strain, which was given the name of the area close to the Afghanistan–Pakistan border. The outcome is an indica with a lot of resin and a spicy aroma that can almost be blue in colour. Few strains will be more effective at treating pain and insomnia, and recreational users will enjoy Tora Bora's intensity as long as they don't have any intentions to leave the house. When grown indoors, Tora Bora completes its vegetative cycle swiftly and blooms in only 8 to 9 weeks.

Details of this Indica strain

Tora Bora is a highly potent, 99% indica cannabis strain that is not recommended for first-time users. Customers adore the peppery taste. Resin coats the buds, and the flower may have a blue appearance. Look no farther if you need assistance falling asleep or pain alleviation. THC concentrations in the 22% range guarantee that Tora Bora will be extremely cosy, tranquil, and potent. When you smoke Tora Bora, don't plan to leave the house. It is a potent variety that many people like. The first buzz in the head gradually gives way to complete bodily relaxation.

What flavour does Tora Bora have?

Tora Bora is another strain whose aroma serves as a fairly reliable predictor of its flavour.

This indica supposedly smells strongly of wood, dirt, and pine with hints of sweetness and berries. Similar to its aroma, Tora Bora's flavour also delivers users hints of lightly sweet hash that go well with the plant's potent earthy pine flavours and subtle berry undertones.

What are the medicinal advantages of Tora Bora marijuana?

As you may already be aware, indicas are well known for their physically and emotionally calming effects as well as their anecdotal analgesic capabilities. All of these characteristics can be quite helpful to medicinal users.

First off, Tora Bora is touted as a potent stress reliever with the capacity to momentarily reduce PTSD-related symptoms.

Additionally, people with physical conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic aches and pains, muscular spasms, inflammation, and arthritis may find that Tora Bora helps to effectively relieve their discomfort.

Last but not least, Tora Bora is renowned for being a great insomniac buster due to its pure indica nature.

Reviews (6)

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