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Comatose Weed Strain UK

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Comatose Weed Strain UK

96 reviews
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Comatose OG is an OG Kush kind that is more drowsy and is frequently found in Canada by Mainland Cannabis. According to reports, this indica-dominant strain is a hybrid between OG Kush and another strain, perhaps a potent indica. Comatose OG should resemble OG Kush in terms of its dense, resinous appearance, piney, musky aroma, and powerful, THC-driven effects; it will contain very little CBD. There is also a Coma Cookies from Enlightened Genetics, a mix between GSC and Bruce Banner 2.0, which is sometimes just referred to as "Comatose." And since the term "comatose" can be used to describe the drowsy effects of cannabis, numerous items may bear that name. Customers claim to use Comatose OG for stress, anxiety, sadness, and sleep issues.


This Comatose review will get underway by discussing how it looks. I couldn't help but wonder at the elegance of Comatose OG's captivating appearance. Each nug was covered in a thick covering of frosty trichomes that sparkled and glittered like a fine layer of just fallen snow.

These buds were incredibly dense, packed close together to form a solid mass that was both alluring and tantalising.

As soon as I reached out to touch them, I could feel a sticky coating cover my fingertips, as if the nugs were embellished with a supernatural adhesive. It was clear that this tension would require more than just hand strength to overcome. I picked up my dependable grinder since I knew that only its strong blades could complete this task deftly.

I noticed the buds' tiny to medium size and their dark green colour, which seemed to emanate mystery, as I got them ready for grinding. However, the burnt-orange hairs tangled in the foliage that added a captivating contrast were what really attracted my attention. In contrast to the lush green surroundings, these fiery strands appeared to move and flash.


The rich, pungent perfume of Comatose OG's buds filled the air as I pulled them closer to my nose, drawing me in immediately. Farnesene, the major terpene, gave the strain its distinctive aroma by imparting its special character. Strong pine flavour combined with zesty herbs and citrus flavours to provide a revitalising concoction.

I detected an earthy undertone deep in the perfume, which grounded the encounter and offered curiosity, along with a faint gas-like note. These components came together to create a seductive symphony of aromas that made me hanker after the strain's wonderful flavours.

Reviews (6)

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