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Hindu Kush is a completely indica-only strain. This historically renowned landrace indica strain produces a huge amount of resin, which is unmatched by many other strains. The Kush mountain range, which runs from central Afghanistan to northern Pakistan, is where the primordial genetic material originated. For many years, the Middle East was supplied with hash made from cannabis cultivated in this area. Travellers along the renowned "Hippy Trail" amassed Kush seeds in the 1950s and 1960s and carried them home to start new plants. Hindu Kush is the foundation of several well-known, powerful strains today.

The Hindu Kush reigns from Chitral, the Kush mountain range's highest point and nicknamed "the roof of the world." The highest-quality Super Kush is grown in the Chitral region, which is situated 25,289 feet above sea level. In our Hindu Kush from Chitral, there are some astonishing medicinal properties. She is of the highest medical benefit for individuals who suffer from discomfort and/or insomnia. Perhaps it's the high altitude.


Hindu Kush is well recognised for its highly resinous, sticky buds that make excellent hash. Dark green leaves on Hindu Kush frequently turn purple when it blooms. The calyxes are tightly packed and dripping with deliciously powerful THC and CBD. With a CBD/CBN ratio of.1%, the THC content is 22%.

Aromas & Flavours

Hindu Kush smells strongly of sweet sandalwood with hints of pine and exotic spices. The smoke is smooth and flavorful with floral hash notes. There are also typical flavours of citrus and moss.

Results of the Hindu Kush

The somewhat euphoric high from the Hindu Kush strain results in a warm, stretchy body numbing sensation. physically soothing and excellent for controlling pain, nausea, and insomnia. A calming and sleepy body high can be produced by Hindu Kush extremely well.

Characteristics of Medicine

Her exceptional capacity to reduce discomfort and promote sleep is a real relief for people who can't sleep and experience agony. She has a small, squat build and is resin-filled! Hindu Kush Strain is a very sturdy and durable plant with an unmistakable taste and perfume, and Hindu Kush Seeds are yet another medical marvel.

Reviews (6)

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