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Magnificent Mile Weed Strain

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Magnificent Mile Weed Strain

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Magnificent Mile explained

The Iranian mountains are home to the strain known as Magnificent Mile, or Mag Mile. The extremely rare 100% Indica characteristics score high on the THC scale, at 23-24%. The gorgeous, huge buds exude a spicy, fresh flower flavour. These buds have dark purple undertones with orange-looking hairs. The buds can help with inflammation, headache, nausea, and sleeplessness pain. Magnificent Mile has a creepy affect that starts at the back of your neck and spreads outward to encompass your body in a satisfying couch-locked sensation. 49 to 70 days are needed for cultivation.

An Iranian landrace known as Magnificent Mile by Ataraxia is spread over the wonderful state of Illinois. This thick bud develops a rich blossom that is flecked with bright purple and orange colours. The aroma of the strain is a blend of earthy spice and diesel, and its effects are felt throughout the body, reducing pain, stress, and restlessness. The "Magnificent Mile" section of Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which is renowned for its lavish skyscrapers and dazzling city lights, is where the term "Magnificent Mile" originated.

Common Effects

Mag Mile seeds can be hard to come by, but if you can get your hands on some for your own usage, you'll probably be pleased with the outcome. Many comment on the plants' medium height and higher-than-average yields, which make her easier to manage in constrained situations. If at all possible, Mag Mile enjoys a warm climate. After 7 to 10 weeks of care, she will be ready for harvest. If you've never grown marijuana at home before, you might want to get some assistance since while this strain isn't exceptionally challenging, she's also not exactly easy. Magnificent Mile might be the right marijuana for you if you're seeking for a strain that most smokers find to be incredibly relaxing and that also has strong flavours that will stimulate your palate. If you don't go to the grocery shop first, your hunger can become insatiable.

Reviews (6)

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