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Buy southern bell Cannabis Strain UK

96 reviews
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This marijuana strain is superior to what is described. I smoke approximately an eighth a day, write with my pen all over, and eat RSO as well. So I have a high tolerance. This strain will produce an Extreme Expert High if properly grown. It's covered in trichomes where I got it in Oregon. A Beautiful Purple Instead of Light Green, and The Smell Is Just Amazing.

The flavour is significantly sweeter and fruitier. Additionally, it leaves a mouth-watering taste. If you're in Eugene, I strongly advise you to find Evens Creek Farms because they did this.

The 100% pure indica hybrid strain Southern Belle, sometimes referred to as "Southern Nights" by certain cannabis consumers, was produced from a backcross of Afghani X Afghani. While experienced users find Southern Belle's high to be rather light, newbies may find it overwhelming if they smoke it more than once in a row. The first effects of the Southern Belle high include a head buzz and a happy sensation without any increased energy or worry. It will start out in your spine and work its way down your body, tingling every inch of your body as it intensifies. This body high will leave you feeling calm, drowsy, and somewhat stoned. For some users, it may even induce a restful slumber. For users who have insomnia, sadness, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, or chronic anxiety, Southern Belle is the perfect bedtime smoke due to these effects and its somewhat high 17% average THC content. The flavour of Southern Belle is a delectable sweet delight with undertones of smoky pine, sweet skunk, and soil. The smell permeates any space with the stink of rotting wood and strong skunk. It is quite spicy with a harsh overtone. The buds of Southern Belle have bright, airy neon green nugs with fine amber hairs and a frosty, thick layer of bulky, white trichomes.

Reviews (6)

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