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Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain UK

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Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain UK

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A hybrid marijuana strain called Dutch Treat was created by mating Northern Lights and Haze. You'll experience cerebral effects from this strain that will make you feel happy and euphoric while lowering stress and unwinding the mind. The flavour profile of Dutch Treat is reminiscent of pine and eucalyptus trees blended with sweet fruits. Growers claim that this breed features aromatic, dense, sticky buds. Patients who use medical marijuana often select Dutch Treat to help with PMS, exhaustion, and pain symptoms. The coffee cafes in Amsterdam have adopted this strain as a cultural standard.

How Does the Dutch Treat Strain Taste, Smell, and Look?

Dutch Treat doesn't have a recognisable flavour or scent. As a result, numerous ways of describing the taste and smell are frequently used by stoners. As you smoke the strain, the layers of flavour and fragrance get more complex and alter, creating an engaging and unique experience.

The majority of people concur that pine is this strain's most noticeable fragrance. It smells crisp and woodsy, evoking pine trees or a winter woodland. Even while just sniffing the cannabis, the notes of mint that are mingled with the earthy aroma give an energising quality.

There are no sour or diesel undertones, which can be harsh and smelly and are described as being more sweet than dank. Instead, fruit and berry undertones are combined with the woody smell.

When you first smell the strain, it has a piney, woodsy, and sweet perfume that gradually mellows into a delicate herbal scent with faint blueberry undertones.

Before smoking the strain, it can be difficult to notice the berry and fruity aromas. The dominant and distinct blueberry flavour opens the tasty experience.

An additional, more nuanced flavour that combines spice and pepper with sweet citrus notes follows the initial sweet and juicy flavour. The taste of Dutch Treat is more acidic and bitter than the fragrance, which is smooth and rich.

Dutch Treat nugs emerge in a general way. When you purchase Dutch Treat, don't anticipate fat nugs because the nugs are tight, little, and spherical. They feature little, light green leaves covered with dark orange threads. It seems ordinary and doesn't have many distinguishing visual features.

What Are the Effects and Applications of the Dutch Treat Strain?

Dutch Treat has several unexpected effects because of the unique and unusual THCv that it contains. It leaves you feeling energised and uplifted rather than chaining you to the couch. After smoking Dutch Treat, one feels more imaginative and communicative.

It makes you feel ecstatic and at ease without making you lose consciousness. As a result, when using Dutch Treat, people frequently feel motivated and excited.

Although most people feel energised and positive, some people become tired due to the stress. People typically start to feel weary and lethargic when they smoke a lot of Dutch Treat. However, a few hits will give you a vivid, creative energy.

Although the majority of users get a cheerful, enjoyable high with Dutch Treat, not everyone enjoys it. People frequently experience thirst, dry mouth, and dry eyes. But if someone consumes too much, it can also make them queasy or uneasy.

Compared to many other strains, the smoke is softer and smoother, making it less likely to cause you to cough or make your lungs feel heavy and constrictive.

If you've used marijuana before, you shouldn't encounter any adverse symptoms other than dry mouth and eyes because the side effects are so mild and infrequent.

It is a great pharmaceutical choice for persons with a variety of ailments because it has no negative side effects. In addition to easing the symptoms of sleeplessness, migraines, PMS, PTSD, and neuropathy, it is used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. Smoking Dutch Treat can also help people feel more hungry, sleep better, or manage chronic pain.

Reviews (6)

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