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Regarding 8 Ball Kush

Certain features are expected of this strain as an offspring of the Hindu Kush and an ancestor of the Afghani Landrace. Fortunately, they meet and even beyond one's expectations. Even the most seasoned smokers are reenergized by this lively strain from Barney's Farm, which has earthy scents, spicy flavours, and a surprise cerebral high. Simply put, 8 Ball Kush is a work of art.

The THC content of this 100% indica strain ranges from an average of 8% to 17%, with surges up to 18% being regarded usual, and it has a high 5% CBD content. The spade-shaped, thick nugs have rich amber trichomes and pale golden undertones. They are forest green in colour. Users adore the earthy, highly spiced flavours as well as the sage and pepper-accented, dank, bittersweet scent.

The delicate high from 8 Ball Kush is best described as peaceful and mellow. For an indica, the ecstatic high is unusually cerebral and comes on quickly. You will experience excitement and happiness throughout this phase, which promotes the high's creative vigour and cheerful flightiness. A few minutes later, the body high begins to take effect. It is incredibly calming and even therapeutic. Thankfully, users don't have to worry about losing functionality while in this sedated state.

Patients in the medical field adore this strain for its gentle high that leaves you feeling uplifted. This makes it ideal for people with busy schedules who need a break but can't afford to go too slowly. It is a top choice for chronic pain brought on by disease or injury, inflammation, or muscular spasms because of its calming and sedative effects. For people with mild depression and mild to moderate stress, 8 Ball Kush provides an energy boost and a mood boost.

Due to its gentle high that doesn't make you feel drained, medical patients adore this strain. For individuals with busy schedules who need relief but can't afford to slow down too much, it's perfect because of this. It is a popular choice for treating chronic pain brought on by inflammation, sickness, or muscular spasms thanks to its calming and sedative effects. In cases of mild depression and mild to moderate stress, 8 Ball Kush provides an increase in energy and a lift in mood.

The effects of marijuana seeds 8 Ball Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid with a reputation for promoting calmness is 8 Ball Kush. It is a strain with a strong genetic background that descended from an Afghani Indica. As a result, it produces a strong, all-over high that will keep you hooked to the couch. 8 Ball Kush has a THC level that runs from 14% to 18%, while the CBD content can reach 5%.

Reviews (6)

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