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Mike Tyson Weed Strain UK

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Mike Tyson Weed Strain UK

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Tyson, commonly referred to as "Mike Tyson" and "Mike Tyson OG," is an indica cannabis variety created by crossing two unidentified strains. This strain, which bears Mike Tyson's name as its inspiration, will definitely knock you out. Tyson, a strain created by Canna Clinic, packs a powerful indica punch that is known to completely relax the body while numbing pain, tension, insomnia, and appetite loss. Tyson has 20% THC, making it the perfect strain for seasoned cannabis users. Customers on Leafly have reported feeling drowsy, at ease, and hungry after taking Tyson. Patients who use medical marijuana to treat insomnia, stress, and anxiety issues frequently pick Tyson. Tyson, a strain created by Canna Clinic, comes in flavours like skunk, pungent, and diesel. Myrcene is the main terpene in this strain. Tyson generally costs $10 to $20 per gramme on average. Tyson might be your best option if you're seeking for a strong and relaxing strain that will calm both your body and mind.

Mike Tyson's looks and taste

Tyson distinguishes itself with sturdy, average-sized blooms. These buds keep a traditionally indica shape with a thick core and have a tendency to stick together in an extended, almost cylindrical formation. The tiny, twisted leaves have deep red and rust-colored pistils that are entwined within the pale green, little leaves. The outside and inner surfaces of these flowers are covered in a thin layer of rust-colored trichomes, making it very challenging to separate them without a grinder.

These clingy blossoms have a distinctively dismal perfume that smells of moist dirt upon first whiff. An perfume of flowers, a little sweet, is lingering below. While this is going on, grinding up the buds generates a deep hash and spice aroma that might imply Afghani ancestry. Tyson produces an unpleasant smoke when it is used in a pipe or a joint, which could make you start coughing. When exhaled, this smoke tastes sweet and skunky. Because it can be extremely pungent, those who smoke in public should take the necessary safety measures.

Last Words on Mike Tyson

Almost immediately after smoking, the high strikes you forcefully with a jab to the head and leaves you feeling happy but foggy and contemplative. Your body will enter a profound level of relaxation while your mind begins to wane, lulling you into sleepiness and a strong sense of couch-lock. You'll feel absolutely lethargic and unable to move for anything as the lethargy sets in to your body. OG Tyson is touted as being ideal for treating diseases like chronic stress, appetite loss, chronic pain, and insomnia because to these effects plus its potent 21% average THC level. The huge, bumpy lime green nugs on this bud are covered with milky golden crystal trichomes and have vivid orange hairs. The flavour of OG Tyson is harsh and skunky with a nearly overpowering undertone of unpleasant chemicals. The scent is equally abrasive, with undertones of smoky diesel and skunky skunk emphasised by a strong dose of chemical nose-burners.

Reviews (6)

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